Why Nexus 6 Back-Plate Is Being Detached And How To Prevent It

A few Nexus 6 devices are suffering from detached back-plate or back-cover. This seems to be a build-quality failure which can cause the back cover of the device being detached from the body. The problem is reported in Twitter by many user who are complaining about this issue. According to those tweets users are complaining to Motorola about this problem. Luckily the Motorola claimed that will replace those devices.

The Nexus 6 is a new device on the market and until know we have seen only a few problems when most of them are related to software and will be fixed in new updates sooner. Regarding to hardware problems, the only one which makes users complaining about was the lower sound and it was fixed very soon by making the holes bigger for better and louder audio. Regarding to other problems you may encounter, they are all software related issues and with a few tricks can be easily fixed.

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When it comes to hardware issues it’s a little difficult to fix it by yourself. The problem with the back cover of your Nexus 6 device comes due to low quality of adhesive used to attach the back cover to the body. Some other users have reported that the issue happens also due to an expanding battery. But whatever is the reason the main concern of those who own a Nexus 6 device is that if their device will encounter the problem or not.

prevent nexus 6 detached back plate

Until now this are two main reasons why this issue happens. If you own a Nexus 6 and you are reading this article incidentally, don’t take it ridiculous because your device might be the next one who will experience back-plate detached problem. So be careful and follow our advice especially if you haven’t bought the device from an Motorola official shop or website, so you can’t ask for a replacement.

According to Motorola only few “bad devices” between thousands of devices produced. Motorola and all other Carriers from what we have seen until now have replaced all those devices that have encounter the issue. So if you are one of the unlucky people who have bought a Nexus 6 and your device seems to suffer from detached back cover, than it’s time to ask for a replacement.

If you find yourself in such situation, you will not encounter too much problems getting a new device. But if you don’t want to find yourself in a such situation, there is always something you can do to prevent the back cover being detached.

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The only thing you can do to prevent you Nexus 6 from encountering back-plate detached issue is to prevent your phone from overheating. Since it has to be with the glue used by manufacture to attach the back cover to the body, you know that overheating make the glue strength lower. So if your phone is used too much and the device find itself in overheating issue many times a day, than the adhesive strength will become lower day by day until the back cover will be fully detached.

So prevent your phone from overheating. To do that don’t play huge games for a long time. Also don’t use your phone while it is charging because it will overheat the device too much. Using third party apps that will clean the memory and boost the phone performance is good idea to stop the device from overheating. But even if you try to prevent your device from overheating, and the back cover of your Nexus 6 still be detached than you can’t do anything else only to ask for a replacement.

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