How To Root Galaxy S4 Without Tripping KNOX

The Android world is bigger and its community is growing day by day. Developers are amazing and they help us to solve our issues and get updated with the latest stuff. This time I found a useful guide from a developer named peppe130. It will help us to root the Galaxy S4 without tripping KNOX. You may have heard that Samsung has included a security feature to its devices named KNOX.

By default its value it’s  value is 0x0 and if you root your phone it will be tripped to 0x1 and you will lose your warranty. This is something that no one wants. So developers start working and created the necessary tools to fulfil our needs. now your can root your Galaxy S4 and the KNOX value remains 0x0.

This method you are going to find here is designed to work on Galaxy S4 I9505 variant which use a GNG8 or higher firmware. If you do not meet the requirements to do try it because you will found yourself into big troubles.


I shall not held any responsible for any trouble to your phone. Here at DoryLabs we only provide the guides but only you can decide to go further or not. So if you want to root your Galaxy S4 without Tripping KNOX do it at your own risk and don’t put the finger on me if anything goes wrong. Follow all the steps carefully.

Galaxy S4 Rooted without Tripping KNOX

Getting Ready

  • This method will work only on Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 variant. Do not try on other devices because the files are designed to work only on that variant. If you try to install in any other Galaxy S4 variant or other phone except the mentioned above you may end up with a bricked device and lot of work to do.
  • Always do a backup of all your important files and data because this procedure involves in flashing files and something may go wrong. So you will have your data safe and can restore them again.
  • Charge your phone up to 70% so it will not shut down unexpectedly during the procedure. If goes dead you will get only a soft bricked device.


How To Gain Root Permissions on Galaxy S4 Without Triggering Knox To 0x1

  • Download and install Towelroot on your phone but do not use yet.
  • Download Odin flashtool on your PC.
  • Install Samsung drivers on your computer otherwise it will not recognise the phone.
  • Download GNF1 Stock Kernel from the link above on your computer.
  • Turn of your Galaxy S4 and put it into Download Mode.
  • Open Odin and connect the phone to PC using a USB cable.
  • Check if Odin recognized the phone otherwise  you have to install driver correctly.
  • On Odin Click on PDA/AP tab and then select the GNF1 Stock Kernel.
  • Click on Start and wait for it to finish.

Once it finish you may notice that WiFi doesn’t work.  There is nothing to worry. It will work in the end. You will install another Stock Kernel matched to your ROM.

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  • Run Towelroot on your phone and click let it rain. It will root your device without tripping KNOX.
  • Once it finish, boot it again into Download Mode.
  • Open Odin again and flash a stock Kernel matched to your ROM. Find the Kernel from the Stock Collection, Link above.
  • Download and install SuperSU from Play Store but do no run yet.
  • Download and install Mobile Odin from Play Store.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • Download KNOX Removal Script.
  • In Mobile Odin tap on OTA/Update zip and choose the Knox Removal Script.
  • Check “Enable EverRoot” and “Inject Superuser”
  • Click on “Flash firmware” to start the flash.
  • That’s all. Now you have a rooted phone and with KNOX counter 0x0.
  • Enjoy!

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