How To Make Towelroot Support All Phones (Fix Phone Isn’t Supported)

Learn how to change Towelroot options and make it supports all phones. Towelroot is a simple tool created to root Android phones.Rooting with Towelroot is the simple method where you only have to download the tool and then with one click your phone is rooted.

But unfortunately a problem is reported with Towelroot. It doesn’t support all phones. This mean even though Towelroot was created to root all Android phones, it don’t seems so. Once you have downloaded the tool, open it and tap “Make It Rain” a window will appear showing you a message “This phone isn’t supported”.

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Once the problem was reported, the creator of Towelroot made some changes to the tool and also made a guide how to fix, phone isn’t supported problem. According to the developer is seems to be the modstrings problem. Modstrings are a way of modifying the exploit parameters for your obscure phone.


To change modstrings, open the app and click three times on “Welcome To Toowelroot V3”. A new box below make it rain will open. You have to type one of the following codes in the box.

  • Code 1: 1337 0 1 0 4 0 (Standard code – works on most devices)
  • Code 2: 1337 0 1 7380 4 0 (For Samsung Galaxy Device)
  • Code 3: 1337 0 1 0 4 1 (Universal code – gives temporary Root Access)

The first code is universal, it works for a lot of Android phone so if your phone isn’t supported by towelroot type the first code and hit root button.

The second code is for new Samsung Galaxy device. If you have one of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices type the second code and hit the root button.

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The third code is also universal, it works for all Android devices but it gives a temporary root. Once your phone is rebooted the root access will lose, but you can root it again using towelroot.

This is a simple method how to fix the towelroot problem not supporting phones. Give it a try and leave comments below.

Check the official towelroot site here.

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