Fix Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Missing Toggles With Samsung QuickPanel Restore App

Recently Galaxy S6 & S6 users have reported a strange bug in their devices. The notification toggles we are used to see in every Galaxy device in notification drawer and status bar are missing. Those toggles are very helpful because you can access different options directly from notification drawer without having to go on app drawer > settings and find those options you can easily access from quick settings.

The most used toggles are those that enable/disable mobile data and WiFi. It’s annoying to go on settings and search for the option to enable or disable mobile data. I took this example because data toggle is the most used. The bug is not found on all devices but when the issue occurs more that five toggles are disappeared and when you access the notification drawer nothing is there.

While lot of users were reporting the issue, developers started to look for a solution for it. After some times working a developer came across a solution but it restore only the data toggle. This solution works only for data toggle leaving behind all the other missing toggles. At least he managed to find a fix to restore the data toggle that is the most used.

Quickpanel restore Samsung notification toggles

This issue is becoming very popular, every day new Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge users are reporting the issue. As this was becoming very popular among Galaxy users, Samsung decided to take care about this. It announced an app that will restore all the missing toggles like mobile hotspot, mobile data, private hotspot toggles and more thanks to an app that Samsung has released on Galaxy Apps Store.

The app named as QuickPanel Restore will bring back all the missing toggles to quick settings list. To find the new app take your phone and launch  Galaxy Apps. Then search for “QuickPanel Restore” and install the app. Wait for the app to be installed and open it.

Once you open the app you will see a blue background with only one app which says “Restore”. Tap on that button and you will have back all the missing toggles. Go to quick settings to make sure the toggles are restored. Then you can uninstall the app because you won’t need it anymore. The toggles won’t disappear anymore. This is the only way to fix the issue until a new update come to fix it automatically.

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