How To Remove S Finder & Quick Connect From Galaxy S6 Or S6 Edge Notification Panel.

S Finder and Quick Connect are accessible via Notification Panel. The shortcuts were first introduced in Galaxy S5 TouchWiz and now they are back in Galaxy S6. For most of the users this is a good thing because you can get access to them via Notification Panel without needed to go in the app drawer and more.

Even though Samsung’s intention was to make it easier to its user to get access to this options, in the other hand there are also a huge number of peoples who think those shortcuts are annoying and want to remove them. So to help up you and many others like you I made this guide because there is no option on your phone letting you to remove them.

But if you are one of those persons who like to play with their Android devices, you may want to customise the phone more than changing a wallpaper or ringtones. So to begin you should have root access. If you don’t know Galaxy S6 is already rooted with CF Auto-Root tool made by ChainFire.

Remove S finder and quick settings on galaxy s6S

If you already don’t know the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge don’t have S Finder and Quick Settings on Notification Panel. So we will use a trick and edit build.prop file to change the device product name to Verizon or AT&T. It’s not difficult and in the end of the guide you will get rid of Quick Settings and S Finder on your Galaxy S6.

How To Get Rid Of S Finder And Quick Settings Button On Galaxy S6 Or S6 Edge

All you will need is a rooted Galaxy S6 and a Root File Explorer. You can download ES File Explorer or Root Explorer both free on Play Store. Since you will need to edit a File System I always recommend to do a backup. Even if something goes wrong your personal files will be safe.

Let’s the work begin!

  • I will refer to ES File Explore because it’s my favourite.
  • Open it and tap on the top left icon.
  •  Press Tools and then Root Explorer.
  • Tap on Mount R/W and in the new window select RW in both options.
  • Press OK and you will be asked for SuperSU permissions.
  • Grant permissions.
  • Tap the button on the top left corner and go to Local -> Device.
  • Open System folder and search build.prop file.
  • Open build.prop file using a File Editor.
  • You need to change it to one of the following codes.

Galaxy S6 – Search for this line :

Change it to:



Galaxy S6 Edge – Search for this line:

Verizon :

AT&T :

Save the file and reboot the phone so the changes will take effect.

Note: If you change the carrier name to Verizon you will get the Verizon 4G icon always in the Notification Bar.

If you change it to AT&T you will get the AT&T icon.

Remember you can always revert back by replacing the modified codes with the original.


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