How To Set Up Multiple Users On CyanogenMod 11 & Other Phones

Multiple user is a feature first introduced on Android 4.2 and it was available only for tablets on that time. It allows you to create multiple accounts to be used on an Android device. This feature keep apps and personal data separate so each user has its own files and apps. This is a unique experience and switching between users is so simple.

Creating Multiple accounts on tablet devices was a simple task, but for other devices it was still a feature which need to make its own way into other device. Unfortunately in Stock ROMs you will not find this feature. But mostly of Custom ROMs allows you to create multiple users to use in a single device.

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But if you are not using a tablet thanks to developers you can experience multiple users feature even in devices that aren’t using the tablet Android version. Simply by running a Xposed Module to modify system-level components, Android’s Multi-User Interface can be easily activated not only in CyanogenMod 11 but also in all other non-tablet devices.

multiple users on android phones

Note: This will void your warranty. We are not responsible for anything happens to your phone. We only provide the guide but it’s only you who can decide what to do with your phone. This has worked for many people but it doesn’t mean that it will work for you also. So do at your own risk.

If you want to install Multiple Users on CuanogenMod 11, then you are ok. You have rooted your phone. But if you want to installl Multiple Users on any other Android device you have to root you phone. After rooting the phone, the next step is to install Xposed Framework. If you haven’t heard for this before please make a little search what is it and what can do than came here again and continue with the guide.

After installing Xposed you may have learn that it works with modules, so you need a module right. Thanks to Droid Mate who created a Multiple Users module to install right now on your Android device. The Module can be downloaded from Play Store. But if you want to try it before the developer has made a free version available and you can find it on the XDA thread.

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If you decided to download the free version from XDA than you must have enabled “Unknown Sources” in order to install the apk file you just downloaded. After installing the apk or the Play Store version, once the installation is complete you will get a notification from Xposed. Tap the Activate and Reboot button on the notification and the phone will be reboot. Once the phone is turned on, the Multiple Users module is activated and you have to go to the next step to add users.

How to add another user

Take you phone in you hand and go to Settings > Personalization, there you will find a new Users entry. Tap on it an then tap the plus icon to begin adding a new user. On the first pop-up press OK and in the second press Set Up Now. You will be taken the the new user’s lock screen. Simply unlock the screen and it will ask you to go through initial setup. It like the phone is booting for the first time. Only system apps will be shared between accounts. Installed applications and their data will remain separate.

How To Switch Between User Accounts

Switching between accounts is so simple. You can use the device’s power menu to switch to another account. Another easy way is to tap on the user profile photo on the lock screen and the lock screen will switch to the background image and the device will queue all your apps and data files.

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