How To Create An Odin Flashable Package Like Kernel, Firmware, Recovery etc

Until now you had to use a Linux distribution in order to create a ODIN flashable package like a Recovery, Kernel or even a coplex file like a Firmware, but now you don’t need it any more. You can create a ODIN flashable package in your device only using a simple tool which will do all the work for you.

Thanks to a  XDA Member called ferreirawax, who created a simple application to do the job for you. If you want to share your current ROM as an ODIN Firmware, you can do that easily by using the simple app that the developer managed to create.

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Let’s start learning what this app is and what it needs to work. First of all to create package file compatible with ODIN you need UStar (Uniform Standard Tape Archive) compression by POSIX.

odin package creator

Android does not support this type of compression so it’s necessary to use the original GNU tar cross-compiled to ARM.

This app is very handy and it allows you to create different ODIN flashable package like kernels, recovery and many others. Also you can create multiple files in one package like a firmware for example. The app is very useful even when you want to create MD5 for package to Odin check.


  • An Android device running Android 4.1.2 or higher.
  • Your device must be rooted.
  • Lates busybox installed. Download from Play Store.


We suggest you to download V1.3 apk file. It is the latest release and contain more optimizations and you can use very easily.

How to use ODIN Package Creator

At first you will need the file you want to create the ODIN package, it might be a recovery, a kernel or whatever you want.

Then you have to rename your file to same name on the firmware. So what this mean. If your device kernel has the name “kernel.bin” in the firmware then you need to rename your file to “kernel.bin” and create the package using that name.

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How to create Firmware using ODIN Package Creator

  • Create a folder and place the files inside.
  • Open the app and choose to create a multiple package.
  • Select all files in the folder.
  • Give the output name.
  • Remember to use the same names that are in the package.

ODIN Invalid Package

Invalid package error happens when there is an error in package name. How to understand this?

If the kernerl of your device is named “kernel.bin.md5” on firmware you should only “kernel” as output. If you use “kenel.bin.md5” the output file will have the name “kernel.bin.md5.tar.md5” and ODIN will say invalid package.

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