5 Best Galaxy S5 Mods For Better User Experince

Today we are going to share 5 best Galaxy S5 mods we thought would be very helpful for you. A mod is a file that will modify your system and in a few words will make it awesome. If you don’t won’t to install a Custom ROM but still you want to have some extra features on your phone, you should take a look to this mods. We have chosen them between many other and as the name says, they will give you the best user experience.

We have covered before an article about best Lollipop Custom ROMs for Galaxy S5. If you are bored with Samsung’s TouchWiz and you want to experience something new than you should consider installing one of those ROMs. But in case you still prefer TouchWiz and you want to have some extra features on it than you should look the best Galaxy S5 Mods we have collected below.

S6 Experience Mod

This mod will transform your Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S6 so you can feel S6 experience on your old S5. This mod works both on odexed and deodexed ROMs so there is nothing that can stop you to have almost the biggest part of the cake. By flashing S6 Experience Mod you will install almost all the Galaxy S6 apps which are ported directly from S6 Lollipop 5.0.2 firmaware.

Galaxy S6 Apps for S5

This mod can be flashed on Recovery without tripping Knox. To learn more about this mod and where to download it click here. The only bug that is known until now is that when you set a wallpaper from wallpaper picker you get a blank status bar. Setting a wallpaper from gallery seems to fix this issue. Also Theme Chooser don’t work.

Batman Emoji

This is a cool mod for those who are addicted to Batman. This mod will replace the stock Emoji pictures you are used to see in your Galaxy S5 with new ones. Note: This Emoji pictures won’t work on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger because they have their own build in Emoji. This cool Batman Emoji will work on messages, notifications and other apps who use the built-in system Emoji.

Batman Emoji mod for Galaxy S5

To Install this mod download the file from here and unpack it. Using Root Explorer or any other file manager with root access go to systems/fonts and backup NotoColorEmoji.ttf. Rename it to NotoColorEmoji-backup.ttf. Now go and copy the new NotoColorEmoji.ttf and paste it into /system/fonts. Set the permissions of this file RW-R-R and reboot your phone.

Volume Boost Mod

If you own a Galaxy S5 you know that sound volume it’s not one of it strongest point. Galaxy S5 is a good device when it comes to specs and performance but it is needed to boost the volume a bit more. So we thought to find something that will boost the sound a little bit more than normal but without any distortion.

Galaxy S5 Volume Boost Mod

If you like to tweak your system than you should install this mod. It offers you four options to increase the sound depending on your choice. You can choose to increase only speaker sound or even headphone sounds. If you don’t like the sound on your phone after the mod, you can revert back. Download here Galaxy S5 Volume Boost Mod. You also will find the installation tutorial.

Camera Mod

In Android there is always room for more. That’s why we like it because you can customize and tweak every part of Android. This time the Camera mod for Galaxy S5 will improve the camera quality. It has a great camera which shoots photo like a professional device but if the chances are to make it a little better,why not doing it.

Camera mod galaxy s5


Go to the official thread on XDA forum to download and learn how to install Camera Mod on Galaxy S5 to improve photo and video quality. After installing the mod you will notice the change. Camera mod not only will improve the video and photo quality but it also has some features to make you a real professionist.

Call Recording Mod

This mod will enable call recording on Galaxy S5. The phone has the ability to record calls but it is not enabled by default because in some countries is not allowed to record a call. So if you are in a country that call recording is allowed, you can easy enable it on your Galaxy S5 by using this mod.

Call Recording Mod Galaxy S5

To learn more about call recording mod and how to install it go here.

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