Enable Google Now on Tap On Android Marshmallow

In today’s article we gonna learn how to fix Google Now on Tap that is broken or mission on Android Marshmallow ROMs. This guide works on every Android 6.0 ROM such as CM13, AOSP and so on. This feature is not missing in these ROMs so let’s say it’s broken and it need to be fixed.

If you have been using Android for a while you may know that nothing is impossible. As normal users we can’t do anything to fix the issues because we don’t have the proper knowledge but luckily there are plenty of developers that identify the issues and find a way to fix them. Even with the Google Now on Tap it could’t be different. A XDA Senior Member found a solution for this problem and you gonna find it below.

Besides the fix for Google Now on Tap problem, on this guide you will learn also how to activate on screen navigation bars. They are very helpful so we are going to learn how to enable them. If you don’t want the “on screen navigation bar” then skip that step and proceed to the next ones corresponding your concern.

Google Now On Tap fixedWe would recommend to enable on screen button but as I said before you don’t have to do it. So the first thing you need is a file manager with plethora of features. Personally I like Total Commander. It’s awesome and comes with various built-in features like a file editor, file archiver and many more.

To enable on-screen navigation bar you have to find build.prop file and open it with a file editor. In the end of the file add the following code:

  • qemu.hw.mainkeys=0

Save the file and you’re done. It will enable navigation bar on your device. If you don’t wanna enable them simply skip this step and go to the second one.

Second Step: 

When you flashed the ROM you have flashed also Google Apps, also called gapps. If Google Now launcher and Google Now app are not installed then head over to Play Store and install them. Then using a file manager under system settings locate the Google app > Search and now > Voice > and there activate on tap, do a voice detection if it’s needed.

Third Step:

Go to System > Apps > and tap on the settings icon. Select default apps and then select assist and voice input. Select Google app as your assist app and you are done.

Press and hold the virtual home button or hardware menu from within any apps. Please note that in some devices with menu hardware button, you will need to hold that button to activate Now on Tap function.

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