7 Apps To Transform Your Smartphone Into a Multi-Functional Machine

Hey guys! Here we are back in another article. Today i’m gonna share with you some cool apps that you didn’t know. This apps will transform you smartphone into a multi-tool device. High-end smartphones are being more and more sophisticated and lot of sensors are being added.

Developers are taking advantage of these sensors and have created helpful tools to transform your Android device in a multi-functional machine not only for calling, internet, messages but also for house works and more.

We have made this list with the intention to make things a little bit easier for you. Since you have your smartphone with you any time, why not make it do a little extra work in just few moments. Check the list below and let us know what do you thinks about these apps. If your favorite app is not included in the list or if we have missed any other app that might be useful, please let us know. Submit a comment below.

1 – Scan documents

If you have a smartphone than you should get rid of the old scanners and fax machine of 90’s. Today’s smartphones come with powerful and high-quality cameras that can do more than you think.

Among plethora of apps designed to make cool photos are also apps like CamScanner, available for both Android and iOS that can scan any document and turn it into a PDF. So do you own a smartphone? If the answer is yes don’t lose time and money to use old scanners to scan your documents.


Keep a digital copy of business cards, receipts and other important documents. Also yo can share documents via email, app messengers such as Whatsapp. Also you can send documents  from your phone directly to a land-line fax machine.

2 – Surface level & Tape measure

Smart people have made smart apps. Play store is full of hidden gems and you have no idea what apps you can find there. You can turn your phone into a multi-tool machine in just a few moments. You just need to find the right apps. Bubble level is a nice app and it’s available both for iOS and Android.  It uses phone’s accelerometer to detect how level a surface is.

smart measure

The app is easy to use and convert your phone into surface level meter tool. Simply open the app and set your phone against the surface of a given object. Another great app is also Smart Measure for Android. It will transform your device into a tape measure tool. It uses trigonometry to measure distance, height, width and area of a given object. All you need to do is to point your phone camera at the object you want to measure, and it will make the work all by itself.

3 – Find things identity

Have it ever happen to you to see something and you have no f…ing idea what it is and what it does. Say goodbye to that frustrating struggle with Google Goggles app. It’s available only for Android. All you need to do is to snap a picture of a product, bar code or images such as landscape and so on.

Google Goggles

If you photo match to Google database it will provide you with useful information about that picture. You can use this app even for translating a foreign language by taking a picture of the text. Personally I have found this app very usefully since in our daily life we see a lot of things we do not now anything about.


4 – Personal Assistant

Are you super busy and need someone to notify you for everything? Is you time precious and you don’t wanna waste a single minute? If yes than probably you need an assistant to arrange your schedule and reminds you for different tasks.

Personal assistant android

If you can’t afford hiring a personal assistant than you could try a virtual one. There are few cool apps on Play Store that will get the job done. They might not be efficient like a real assistnat but still it’s better than nothing. You don’t need to use calendars and agenda apps any more. Simply talk to the assistant and it will set everything for you. It even tells you a joke when you are bored 😀

5 – Remote Control

If you always lose your TV remote control or if you simply forget to take it when you lay down in bed and if you think it’s a pain in the ass to go an take it than this app is for you. I bet you forget the remote control very often and sometimes it’s hard to find it. So a perfect solution is to use your smartphone as a remote control.

android remote control

There are several apps available at the Play Store that will get the shit done. Simply download and install any remote controller app and you don’t need no more to worry about your TV remote. Some apps are great and has plenty of features like a real Remote.

Also you can use your phone to control your PC. If you wanna change the songs playing on your PC but you don’t wanna go to the other room where PC is than you can do it simply using your phone. Unified Remote is a great app that will finish the work. It allows you also to view the computer screen on your phone for easy control.

6 – Repair Manual 

There is a very useful tool on Play Store called iFix it. This app will turn your Android phone into an all-in-one repair manual. It includes teardown and repair guides for various categories of devices such as car, smartphones, furniture and much more.


Are the guides are step by step tutorial to take you through the process of diagnosing problems and repair broken devices. They will guide you through the steps you should take to remove parts of devices. You can browse on this app by categories or simply search for your device. iFix has also an online store so if you don’t have the needed tool the app will provide the link to buy it.

7 – Handyman Calculator

Handyman calculator is a very useful app for handyman. It’s free and it contains dozens of calculation and conversation tools. You can find simple unit conversions, density calculator, fractional calculators, rebar weight, arc length and many more.

handyman calculator

The applications is incredibly useful for the home improvement. It has a free version but if you get the paid version it will remove the ads completely.

What do you think about this apps? Which is your favorite one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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