How To Replace Android System Files Using Android Commander

In today’s article we gonna share a short guide how to easily change Android System files using Android Commander. This guide is thanks to a Retired Moderator at the XDA named as  nir36.

If you are a beginner on Android you should go and make some searches before to learn more what a system file is and what can it do. Always note that we do not held any kind of responsibility if something goes wrong. You decided to do everything on your own so is only your responsibility for what will happen.

Android-replace system files Android commander


Early Preparation

  • Make a backup of all your current files or ROM just to be safe. If anything goes wrong you can revert back to stock.
  • Enable USB Debugging. Go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. If you can’t find Developer Options check this guide.
  • Set a dir containing adb.exe file. Set it to: c:\android-sdk-windows\tools\
  • You will see a Total Comander-like interface. Then you can easily copy the framework.jar file on the correct directory.
  • You can replace and delete system files while Android is running. For Android running from a SD, any file copied to: /sdcard/android/root/system/example will be copied to /system/example in the system file.
  • SDcard/android root is simply just like root in ROM androids.

Always backup original files before replacing them. I recommend you to keep a copy of all system.ext2 files so if it’s needed you can restore them back.

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