How to Stop & Disable WiFi Logging in MIUI ROMs and Save Space

MIUI is a customized ROM introduced by Xiaomi for a variety of Android smartphones and tablets and currently available for 251 devices. Many of the MIUI start bugging with strange issues when the internal storage cause data population and sometime many of the WiFi logs.

Another issue with these logs is to occupy the space with the logs recorded sensitive information. An XDA developer cum senior member SharkcpN abbreviate the solution to this problem and found a fixing method to permanently disable WiFi logging in MIUI and save the space on your device.

You can check WLAN_LOGS folder with some of the files in your internal storage which obviously take some precious space of your phone. You can delete them manually but it will be re-appeared after some time when you connect your phone with any of the WiFi networks.

To fix-out this problem you need to follow the steps given below which will permanently disable your WiFi logging in MIUI devices;


Root and Flash TWRP on your MIUI device:

The WiFi logs disable process includes a file editing process. So we need to root the MIUI device before proceed to any changes or editing. Before rooting the device be assure with these things;

  • Your device should be unlocked. Please make sure to enable ‘Developer Options’ and ‘USB Debugging’ in your MIUI device.
  • Backup your data may prevent any kind of information loss during file editing process.
  •  First of all, you need to download file from here;
  •  Save this file in the root folder of your mobile storage.
  • Download the TWRP recovery file from here and flash on your MIUI device.
  • Copy the TWRP recovery file to ADB and fastboot folder root.
  • Go to the Fastboot folder, open the command prompt and execute the following command;
abd reboot bootloader
  • Now enter next command;
fastboot flash recovery recovery_twrp.img
  • The above command will flash your device into TWRP recovery mode.
  • Reboot the device and you’ll get your MIUI device rooted.

Install file explorer and grant root permissions. To navigate to the system folders you need to install file explorer, like; MiXplorer, Solid Explorer, Root Browser, ES File Explorer and Root Explorer etc. You can easily find out the file explorer apps as per your interest in your Google play store.

After downloading any of the file explorers you need to install to get it into your MIUI device so click on the ‘Install’ button. During the installation, your app will ask you to give ‘root permission’ so grant the root permissions. Launching the file explorer will be automatically done.

Reboot your device and then follow the succeeding steps.

Disable WiFi logs:

You should say thank you to the XDA member SharkcpN who fix the issue and provided you a solution to disable your WiFi logs permanently. Before go through the process make sure that you have installed a text editor in your system, if not please download a text editor and then go with the steps given below;

  • First of all, open the file explorer which you have given root permissions and privileges.
  • Go to the root directory and then you’ll get ‘Data’ folder, open it.
  • Under the ‘Data’ folder you need to open ‘Misc’ and then ‘WiFi’ folder.
  • Here you will get a file ‘cnss.diag.conf’. Open this file in a text editor.
  • In the file you’ll have to put the values like below;
  • Now you’ll have to save the file.
  • Reboot your MIUI device and enjoy the new feature on your phone as disabled WiFi logs.


After doing the above process your WiFi logging feature will be disabled permanently so be assured before going through the process of ROM customization. XDA developer or we at DoryLabs won’t be responsible for any cause or problem you may face or your MIUI forget to record the logs of your WiFi.

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