Download Pixel 2 Boot Animation on Any Device (ZIP File)

Google Pixel and Pixel 2 XL are the top-notch smartphones that are present on the market right now. They have an amazing camera to capture the perfect shot. The other specs, the design, and the other features make this phones the best at the moment.

Some reviews by techies say that these devices have a bad display but it is not affecting the phone sales of these devices. Google always add some additional features in their Pixel devices. Most of the features of Google Pixel devices such as Pixel’s launcher, camera app, live wallpapers and more are ported to other devices too.

Now another feature has been added to this list and that is Google Pixel Boot animation. It means you can download and install Google Pixel boot animation on any other Android device. Boot animation is the one that plays after rebooting the device. Usually, the boot animation screen consists of manufacture’s logo. But in Android devices everything is possible. This means you can change and modify almost every piece of the software and it all starts with root access.

In this post, we will share with you a guide how you can download and install Google Pixel boot animation on any other Android device.

Pixel 2 Boot animation

Step by Step Guide to Install Boot Animation File on any other Android Device



  • Root access. Your devices must be rooted in order to install the Google Pixel Boot animation. If you don’t have root access you can check out Android root section.
  • Custom Recover. The easiest and safest method consists of flashing the boot animation via recovery. We recommend installing the latest build of TWRP recovery. If you haven’t installed one yet you can check our custom recovery guides.

Method 1

  • Download Google Pixel 2 boot animation from the link above. There are multiple files to choose from so be careful to choose it according to the display size and your choice.
  • Turn off your phone and boot the device into recovery mode by pressing the proper keys combination.
  • Once in the recovery, click on the install section and select the boot animation zip file you have selected.
  • Flash the file via recovery.
  • Reboot the phone and you have successfully installed the Google Pixel 2 boot animation.

Method 2 

If you don’t have a custom recovery installed such as TWRP you can install the Google Pixel boot animation manually.

  • Download the zip file from the link provided in the download section above.
  • Open the file explorer of your choice. We recommend using ES File Explorer or Root Explorer. Both are free on Play Store.
  • Copy the boot animation file to the internal storage and rename it to ‘’
  • Give the right permissions:

For owner-read, write permissions
For group- read permission
For others- read permission

These are the methods which can be adapted to get the Pixel’s boot animation to any device. The boot animation works only in 1080P displays.

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