Best Tips To Get Android OTA Update Faster

Getting an Android update faster is something that anyone would like. So today we thought it would be better to share some easy tips to help you get Android update faster. This easy tips are the same for every manufacture or carrier, the importance for you is to understand how Android update work and why some devices get the update quicker than others.

1. Do not factory reset your device before an OTA update is due

There are many people saying that a factory reset will help you get an OTA update faster but in fact it’s not so. Performing a factory reset will also reset your Google ID. It won’t put you in first of the line but instead you will be the last to receive the update. So even if an update was ready to land on your device a factory reset will put it away. The magic of getting updates faster is to backup, update, reset and then restore. That’s the best thing you can do.

perform a factory reset on android

2. Do not use the Google Services Framework trick

Have you ever heard about Google Services Framework trick. It was doing the rounds a year ago until it was squashed by Googler Dan Morrill. According to this theory if you clear the data for Google Services Framework in Settings > Apps > All > Google Services Framework, you will skip the queue and get an OTA update on your Android device quicker.


In reality this is not true. Clearing the framework won’t help you to get an update quicker but instead it assigns you a new Google ID and it will put you in the back of the line. This is logic and this trick probably was spread by those people who were trying to get the update quicker and the best way to do that is to get away some other people from the list.

3. Give importance to the manufacture

Well we have to admit that Google Nexus devices are the first who get the new updates. There are two main reason Nexus devices get the updates quicker than others. First of all it’s probably because Android is developed by Google and secondly Nexus devices run a stock version of Android. While the other manufacture need to goo through the modifying steps then testing and in the end they launch the update for users.

flagship smartphones of 2015

So if speedy updates is important to you then you should consider buying a Nexus device otherwise you should learn which manufacture release the update earlier. There are plenty of studies about this and they give you enough information.

4. Know your Carrier

You may know that the firmware once it left Google it goes at the manufacture then to the carrier and in the end it comes to you.  So before buying a new device do some research and check which carrier deliver the updates quicker.

top smartphone carriers

5. Buy a flagship device

It’s a sad fact that only the high-end and the most expensive devices get the update quicker. The mid range devices might get the updates but after a long time. The old devices tend to be forgotten and no one support them anymore. You can’t pretend to get an update in 2015 while you still use a phone of 2012. It might be a good device but unfortunately this is a sad fact that we all have to admit.

high end mobile smartphones

The best way to get updates faster is to have a current device otherwise you will have to wait longer and in the end your device won’t get an update. If you can’t afford buying a flagship device then try to find a one year old smartphone. If you can’t afford them too then go to the next step.

6. Buy a Nexus Device

It’s a proven fact that Nexus devices receives the updates quicker than others due to the fact that Nexus devices run a stock version of Android and it don’t need any modification, so once the new Android version is ready it hits the nexus 6 users firstly. While in the other device the update need to pass through different steps before it reaches to you.

This is process that can take a couple of weeks like Motorola that run an Android version close to stock. In the other manufacture it can get a month to arrive because there are steps of modifying, testing and then the update is released.

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