How Modern Technology has Helped Improve Businesses Security & Productivity

Technological evolution has positively impacted the workplace in the 21st century, and their effects don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

New inventions are being made on regular basis and now that apps are within the reach of every individual, they are doing wonders for businesses all over the world. Not too long ago, the environment in workplaces was pretty strict because there was no room for error.

Every activity was being performed manually, and one mistake could lead to hundreds of problems. However, the technology has made things a whole lot easier for employers and employees alike. Furthermore, it has helped in making the workplace environment a bit more comfortable.

Now employees don’t feel overworked at the end of the day, and there are lesser chances of making an error. Different aspects of technology have had different impacts on the businesses. In this post, we have tried to shed light on most of them below.

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Privacy & Security

Previously, the manager, the leader or the owner was always worried about their company’s privacy and security because there was no way for them to keep their files safe. Any digital expert could just hack and get their hands on critical company’s files in an instant.

To stop that from happening, companies had to rely on manual labor but that isn’t always reliable. Anyone can disclose company’s secrets especially if it’s a startup and doesn’t have a standing in the market. However, things have improved for the better since VPNs have started to become mainstream in the businesses.

These tools hide all the activities taking place on the workplace computers, and due to different server locations, it’s almost impossible to track anyone’s activities. This has allowed small and medium enterprises to grow, as they simply have to get their hands on a free VPN like and enjoy the privacy and security protocols that they have on offer. These protocols keep them safe from the online threats and stop their private data from getting into the wrong hands.

Global Communication

Communication between departments or branches was always a pain. A simple message required a lot of work and it slowed down a lot of processes. Multinational companies suffered from it the most, as they had very little way of communicating with their headquarters in different countries.

Now, there are computers and smartphones, and they are fitted with amazing applications that let people communicate with any party at any time without much of a hassle. You can communicate between departments, branches, and even with the headquarters no matter where it is located. That’s as good and as convenient as it gets.

Overall Productivity

Due to manual labor, companies were not able to reach their targets most of the time. However, now that everything has gone digital, the amount of work that gets done each day is two or three times more than what was done before. With digital tools at people’s disposal, they are able to put in more effort without really exerting themselves. This helps them stay fresh, and at the same time, it increases the overall productivity of the company.

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Helps SME’s Rise & Shine

Corporations ruled the industry before the 21st century, but since the technology has arrived, it has given small and medium enterprises a chance to shine as well. A small-time businessman can now come up with a product, digitally market it, and make it well-known throughout the world. The opportunities available to each individual are endless. Now it is up to them to grab on to those opportunities and create new trends altogether.

Corporations no longer have the power to dictate what happens in the industry, they could be the one following the trend of a small enterprise if they are able successfully to implement a new idea. For the first time, SMEs have control of their actions and that gives them a chance to grow at their pace without worrying about the corporations.


Outsourcing wasn’t done a lot back in the day as companies didn’t consider it a viable option, and quite frankly, small businesses weren’t keen on performing mundane tasks for huge organizations either. However, things, mindsets, and the overall environment of the industry have changed. Outsourcing is now done in almost every company in one way or another.

Newly formed organizations lack resources, and what they have, they want to spend it on employees that will help them grow. This, in most cases, does not include a recruitment team. So what owners do is that they outsource the hiring process to a third party, because they already have a large pool of candidates and can choose the best one for the job rather easily.

Moreover, the new owners don’t possess a lot of knowledge on how the market works, so having a third party doing the job for them is a huge help. That’s just one example though – nowadays, all companies are outsourcing the tasks that they feel can be done rather easily by a proficient third-party

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