[No Root] How to Create Auto Responders on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an incredibly popular messaging app. Its popularity is growing day by day with most of the people using it to chat and even talk with their lovely ones. It is also becoming quite useful among companies and organizations which offer instant support for their customers via WhatsApp. This lead to a need of an auto response to the most common question or sending a message automatically when you’re unable to respond.

If you’re a busy person or a company employee responsible for customer support you may be unable to respond to all the queries at the same time. So you probably will love an app named AutoResponder that will create WhatsApp auto responses. You won’t feel overwhelmed anymore and in a rush to reply back to all your WhatsApp messages.

Setting up a predefined answer to the common questions on WhatsApp can help you save your time. Sending an auto-reply on WhatsApp or schedule an automated reply can be as simple as that with the new AutoResponder app. It lets you create rules which the app will follow in order to send an auto-response on WhatsApp. The best of it is that it allows setting different rules for groups, individuals, groups and so on. You can even set a delay time to and reaction to some specific messages.

This app is created by the XDA Senior Member named TK Studio and is available to download on Play Store. Actually, he had created a similar app before but it requires root access while this one doesn’t. The new AutoResponder app is a revised version of the old app and everything is in Material Design. The app has just some basic features for now but the developer will add more and more features in the future so just keep an eye on it.


  • Send auto-response on WhatsApp
  • Reply to all messages.
  • Reply to specific messages.
  • React to specific persons.
  • Send a reply with your location.
  • Set delay.
  • Set contact.
  • Works with groups. The perfect for business.

How to Send Auto-Reply on WhatsApp

To create an auto-reply message on WhatsApp you need to download the AutoResponder app. The app can be downloaded for free but for more options, there is a pro version as well. The features it has are quite good for the price. Anyhow, download it for free first then if you need the pro features, it’s quite easy to upgrade.

Download the app and open it. On the bottom right corner, you will see a plus sign that you can tap. It will open another window where you can set rules. So let’s say when someone messages you “Hi” or something similar you may set an auto-reply “Hey, how can I help you”. This will save plenty of time if you are a business and are handling your customer support via WhatsApp.

The free version allows you to set simple rules while the pro version gives more options. You can do the following things:

  • Send a welcome message to any new incoming message.
  • Send a specif reply to pattern matching messages.
  • Trigger if the message contains a particular word.
  • Set up multiple responses and send them all or random ones.
  • Whitelist or blacklist contacts.
  • Send blue tickets without reading the messages.

With this app, you can set as many rules as you want. As mentioned above the full features are available to the pro users. So you may consider purchasing the app for $2-$3.

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