How to Enable the App Twin Feature on Huawei & Honor Devices

App twin, a very interesting and useful feature came with Huawei & Honor devices. This is a kind of cloning feature which creates duplicate of any apps on your Smartphone. Many of the business personalities and professionals use social media apps like; Facebook doesn’t want to mix-up their personal and professional life so they use one profile for personal use and another one for the business purpose.

But setting up multiple accounts on the same device is quite a difficult task. To short-out, this problem new EMUI 5.0 in Huawei and Honor Devices came with ‘App Twin’ feature. If you are also one of them then go through the following methods to use this great android EMUI abbreviation in your Huawei & Honor devices;

Launch the apps with built-in ‘App Twin’ feature in your Huawei and Honor Devices:

Huawei 9 came with the new and demandable ‘App Twin’ facility in your Smartphone with two most widely used apps; Facebook and WhatsApp. Here, I’m going to elaborate the process how to enable the built-in app twin feature in your Huawei;

Enable App Twin Huawei

  • Go to the ‘Setting’ option on your phone.
  • You will see different sections like; permissions, accounts, battery, developer options along with ‘App Twin’ option. Select the option.
  • In the ‘App Twin’ dialog screen you will see different apps installed in your Smartphone, like; WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • Apps which you want to select for cloning just ‘switched on’ the enable button and your device will automatically create a clone on your home screen of the same app.

Now you can enjoy this cloning feature on your Huawei & Honor devices.

Launch ‘App Twin’ feature for every application in Huawei & Honor Devices.

Right now this process is only for two applications; WhatsApp and Facebook. But many of the people want this cloning feature with other apps too. Many of those who are android lover and tinker can easily manage this feature with every app.

With the simple editing procedure, you can enable this feature in any of the devices with EMUI 5.0 to make a clone of every app on your Smartphone.

Obviously, as per policies of the application, there is a limitation of cloning but I’m going to show how you can use this cloning feature with any of the applications in Huawei & Honor devices.


App twin feature doesn’t entail ‘root’ process but you will be using a root enabled file explorer like; root explorer, MiXplorer, ES File Explore etc. They are free on Play Store.

Now come to the point, if you want to use this feature with every app then you need to use root enable explorer and edit the file. For this you’ll have to follow the steps given below;

  • First of all, you need to download MiXplorer, root-enabled file explorer from this link;
  • Go to the path in your device; system-> emui-> lite ->prop
  • You’ll see the file ‘local.prop’ backup this file. For this, you can copy this file and save it to another internal place in your mobile phone.
  • You’ve to edit the local.prop with the given changes;
    fw.max_users=1 will be fw.max_users=2
    fw.show_multiserui=0 will be fw.show_multiserui=1
    ro.config.hw_support_clone_app=false will be ro.config.hw_support_clone_app=true
  • Now save the editing and reboot your Smartphone.
  • After performing the above steps you’ll be able to manage clone of every app installed on your Honor devices including WhatsApp, Facebook, pay zap, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Now go to the setting of your phone.
  • Tap the ‘App Twin’ option and you’ll see every app over there which has been already installed on your phone.
  • Just select the application you want to enable for cloning by ‘switched on’ button.

After setting got done, reboot your honor device and you will see a clone enhancement on your honor device.


We strongly recommend doing a backup before making any editing in the root explorer browser file local.prop even on this if you face any kind of crash and software refraction issues you’ll be responsible only.

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  1. How to enable app twin on emui 8.0.0
    Bult number PRA-LA1 8.0.0. 363 (C185)

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