Customize Galaxy S6 Notification Toggles & Quick Settings

One of the best features of TouchWiz is the configurable group of toggles in the top of the notification bar. This is something that we have seen for many years in Samsung devices. It is an increasingly feature even in other Android devices but Samsung has been using it for a long time.

In Galaxy devices we are used to see the toggles in the notification shade so we can loudly say that it’s one of the most thoughtful aspects of TouchWiz. Toggles are ordered by default but you can change that simply by taping on the Edit button on the top of the screen.

A new menu will open and you can drag the buttons around as you want. When you open the notification shade you will see only the first group of five icons while the second one is accessible by scrolling down. In the new brand Galaxy S6 Samsung has removed the expanded toggle list. You can see it only when you open the exciting interface.

Galaxy S6 toggles and quick settings

Galaxy S6 is a brand new device and brings lot of features. TouchWiz is improved and it’s more easier and customisable than before giving you the chance to customise on your need. You can make many of the menus easier to access by configuring the Quick Settings. Please note that Quick Settings in Samsung’s TouchWiz is different from Quick Settings on Stock Settings.

On Samsung Quick Settings refers the button at the top of your main Settings menu. It takes you to the most used settings pages. Once you open Settings, you will see a few buttons prey populated at the top. To change what’s shown simply tap on the upper right. You can access different options like Data Usage, WiFi, fingerprints, notifications and much more.

Tap on Edit at the top of the existing Quick Settings and tap the check box next to those that you want to appear. TouchWiz Quick Settings supports the maximum of nine links.

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