5 Easy Tips To Make Your Android Run Smoothly

Here are the best and easiest tips you can find around to boost your Android performance. You may have heard about many apps and other guides to tweak Android settings but all requires a little knowledge about Android system. The tips you are going to find below do not require anything expect an Android device that need a hand to make it run faster.

Software Update

It’s very important to have your device always up to date. The update is very useful in fixing bugs that you may not be aware of and also brings new features to the phone. You always should check for the latest updates. To do that go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update. If an update is ready you will be promoted to download it.

Software Update on Android

Useful Apps

Play Store is a huge place and you can find almost every thing. There are so many apps that you sometimes can’t decide which is better. Even in our case to make your Android faster you will need to download few apps. They will maintain your device and make it to run smoothly.

The first one you have to pick is a good antivirus. I have been using Avast for a long time and really like it. If you are a person who spend many hours on internet using your Android device, then you need to install also a firewall to protect against spoofing attacks. A good one for non rooted device is “NoRoot Firewall”.

To get the best from your Android you should also find a cleaner and booster app. It will delete cached and junk data from your phone. To understand this better I am giving an example. When you view photos on instagram the phone automatically save a copy on your device cache memory.

cleaner app for Android to boost performance

My favourite app is “Clean Master”. It will automatically scan your phone for cached and junk data and will ask you to delete them. A nice feature that I like to Clean Master is that it will check your phone when it’s overheated and block auto-restarting apps to avoid consuming memory.

Restart the phone

This is something you can do often. Even though it’s a temporary solution it will improve your phone performance a little bit. You may ask why. Well let me explain. Sometimes when you use your phone it opens many apps and services which run in background. You will not notice that these app are open but they will eat memory and drain the battery. Restarting the phone will close all the apps and services running in background and will release a few MB of Ram. So your phone will be a little more faster.

Android restart

Factory Reset

You may have noticed that after a few time using your phone it will slow down. If you Factory Reset the phone it will delete all the installed apps and files. It will also remove everything on your device and make it like new. This will give your phone a good boost. To Factory Reset the phone go to Settings >  Backup and Reset > Factory Reset.

Factory Reset Android

Root Phone

Rooting your phone will give you a full control over the phone. You can do a lot of things and install apps that require special requirements. If you root your phone you can do anything. For example you can delete built-in apps and free lot of memory.

Android root for better performance

You also can install different mods and Custom ROMs which are optimised for better performance and run without any lag. There are plethora of Custom ROMs available and you can pick the best that fit on your needs. Rooting is a risky procedure because you will have too much access over the phone and if you do not have the proper knowledge I suggest not to do that.

If you have any other suggestion feel free to share with us and our readers in the comment section below. We appreciate and value your opinion.

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