How To Deal With Nexus 6P Random Bootloops

Google Nexus 6P is the successor of the Nexus lineup. With some great specifications at the time of its launch, this device was able to make a name among all the other devices, especially those running the latest version of stock Android.

Plenty of people worldwide have purchased this device and for a long time, this device was doing good.
But lately many people have reported some strange issues It seems Nexus 6P is not aging very well. There are many people on Reddit and Android forums reporting boot loop on Nexus 6P.

It’s completely random. Nexus 6P seems to go on a Bootloop of death. The device bricks themselves out of nowhere and for no reason. People have reported also that they can’t revive their Nexus 6P even by side loading factory images.

nexus 6p

The first issue reported by Nexus 6P users was early shutdown at different battery levels. But now it seems the issue is being worse. The device enters in a bootloop state. After the shut down it will boot to the Google logo but never enters in the boot animation stage.

We have tried various thing to fix this issues such as clearing data and cache, wipe data and factory reset. Many people have also flashed a stock firmware but none of these fix Nexus 6P random bootloops. This lead to thinking the issue is hardware related.

Indeed it was a hardware issue. A Google representative confirmed on Reddit just a few months ago, when an Android Nougat Developer Preview was rolling out. He said that they are investigating further about the situation and how to deal with Nexus 6P Random Bootloops.

He also confirmed that this is a strictly hardware issue. So for those who are facing Nexus 6P Bootloops should contact the place of purchase for warranty. You may ask for a replacement of repair options.

The only thing you can do right now is to¬†return merchandise authorization (RMA). It’s a part of the process of returning a product for replacement, repair or to receive a refund during the product’s warranty period.

There is not still a clear explanation from Google, what cause this issue. What makes us wonder is that only devices running Android 7.1 are suffering from bootloops. Of course, this might be coincidental and the issue may be hardware related as cited by the Google community representative.

So guys, unfortunately, you can’t do anything by yourself. If your Nexus 6P is under the warranty period than better ask for a replacement or a refund.

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