Get a Feeling Of Old-School Times With These Reborn Retro Gadgets

Old times, great times or maybe not. Do you remember any old-school gadget or you’re not old enough to have seen any of them, I mean not online? My first contact with an old-school gadget was when I visited my father cousin. He was around 50 and had so many old-school gadgets. He was a collectionist and I really liked them.

Now it’s a different time. There are so many high-end gadgets, and the old ones are completely forgotten. So I decided to write this article for all old-school lovers to get a piece of old devices mixed with the new ones. Below you are going to find 5 retro gadgets that will make you nostalgic about the old-school times.


iTypewriter is a modern version of a writing machine. It’s very similar to the old typing machines but
instead of typing in a piece of paper you will type on your tablet. It’s an awesome device for tech lover that brings together the old-school typing machines and the modern devices like tablets.


Typing in this gadget is like being a modern version of Ernest Hemingway. You may not use it in your daily life but if you are a tech lover and also like the high-school gadgets, definitely you want to have this in your house.

Tworse key

We haven’t seen messages send over a telegraph for ages. The invention of the telephone moved the telegraph out of the game. But recently an innovator, Martin Kalterbrunner had a great thought that turned out to be a funny gadget.

Tworse key is a device that makes possible to tweet in Morse code. It a standalone device, built with an Arduino board. It relies on the Arduino ethernet and an integrated LAN cable to decode Morse signals and tweet them using Twitter’s API.


With the invention of cellulars, landline phones are gone now. They are a thing of the past now and almost no one uses them. But if you love old-school gadgets and want something funny, you may like also PopPhone.

pop phone

If you are missing the feel of the old phones, Native Phone has a solution for you. The new gadget is available to purchase and it’s compatible with every smartphone, tablets, computers and every OS Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.


Are you an old-school freak? Instead of listening music using speakers like everybody do, why not using Turntables. It’s a good idea having a turntable on your place playing your records. You can easily find good turntables online, some of them can easy connect with your phone using cable or even Bluetooth.

turtable portable

Some turntables are very big and expensive so you may not what to spend so much. There is another option, you can purchase a portable turntable. It is not very expensive but it’s not easy to find the best portable turntable. You have to check their specs and find the one that fits your requirements.

Overhead Projector & Slide Projector

If you are born after the 90’s probably you haven’t heard about these old-school projectors. Or maybe you did but never seen any of these. In the old times, they were very popular because now they are superseded by the high-end projectors.

overhead projector

An overhead projector, as the name says it’s an old device that shows a picture to an audience. Focusing lens projects light from an illuminated slide into a screen or wall. There the real image is formed. You may not need this anymore with the invention of the high-end projectors, but if you are old-school why not having one in your company. It may be fun to show pictures to an audience using an overhead projector.

Slide projector

A slide projector, the old-school version is an opto-mechanical device for showing photographic slides. These gadgets first come into widespread during the 1950s. At first, they were used for entertainment in home, where family members and friends would gather together and view slide shows.

slide projector

Slide projectors later were replaced by video projectors. Also, photographic films were no longer used and more and more people are storing files on a digital storage. So these projectors were gone. But if you would like to have more fun and you have many pictures storage you may like to have an old slide projector in your place.

Old-school film camera

Film is alive and believe me it’s a good feeling taking some shoots with an old-school camera. You may be thinking now that I’m crazy but I’m not. I just like having some old-school atmosphere around me. You may definitely have an Android device or maybe an iPhone.

Both can make pretty good picture but man, it’s about the feeling. That’s why I wanted to have this gadget on this list. Do you have any other favorite gadget? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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