How To Power a Smartphone Without a Battery

Do you use your smartphone a lot? Do you like playing games and watching movies while you are home alone? Have you ever been playing and your phone shut downs unexpectedly because of the battery? You couldn’t save the process of the game and this is nasty. I know that feeling when your phone goes dead and you will need to wait until it’s charged again.

Power bank is a good solution but it’s not a good idea to charge your phone while you are using it. You need a power bank in case your phone is running out off battery you must charge it. There are plethora of power banks around but personally I prefer this one:


This is the power bank that I always have in my pocket. It’s 13000 mAh that is enough for me for at least two days. It’s compact, small and don’t need much space to carry on. You can charge two phone in the same time. It supports fast charging so it means you can charge your phone up to 60% in a couple of minutes.

Well, even though I use a power bank still I like to experiment a lot. Recently I found a way how to power a smartphone without a battery and I’m going to share it with you. While I was looking for stuff I come across this guide that I’m going to share below.


Here at DoryLabs no one shall held any kind of resposnsibilty if for any damage that may happen to your phone. You are doing everything on your own risk so don’t put the finger on us if anything goes wrong. If you have no idea what you are doing that better don’t try it at all.

Power the phone without a battery

You are going to learn how to create a power lab to power your phone. I tried it at home and it worked perfect. Since I use my phone a lot and the power bank will last just a few cycles I would rather prefer use this way.

To make a power lab for your phone you will need:

Once you get the power supply and the cable follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the power supply and set the voltage the same value as it is shown on the battery.
  2. The current (mAh) turning knob doesn’t do anything and the current you can’t set at all because the phone¬†draws a current as it needs.
  3. Before connecting the testing probes with their hooks onto your phone be careful and turn the power supply off otherwise you may get a short circuit.
  4. Connect the red to plus and black to minus. Check the battery to see which connector is plus or minus. The middle connector doesn’t do anything so we don’t use it in this case. Only be careful to properly connect plus and minus.
  5. After connecting the phone will show a notification that the battery is low but simply ignore it.
  6. I tried to power my phone using a USB cable but it din’t worked. So I had to connect throught the battery connectors.

You can even make a wooden battery shape and place the contacts on it. This is a smart solutions and you can easily change between the battery and power supply.


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