Download Facebook Hello APK (Dialer App, Caller ID)

Facebook has introduced his a second app in the world of communication. After the huge success of Messenger, Samsung intention now is to dominate the world with the Hello app. It is a dialer app that allow you to make and revive calls. It can also replace the stock dialer app.

But why Facebook Hello can be considered as a the best dialer. Well it has something that is very interesting. Hello Dialer app combines the info from your phone with the info found on Facebook servers and give you all the information you need to know. So if someone is calling you and it’s not registered on your contact, you still will see some information about that person if it is registered on Facebook.

A neat feature of Facebook hello dialer app is that you can have information for a person even when he is calling you for the first time. You will see where he works, live and much more and all this thanks to the information that person has submitted in Facebook servers no matter if these info are private or public. This sound a little crazy but it’s true and all this thanks to Facebook.

Facebook hello dialer app apk

Facebook hello has also many other options like blocking unwanted calls, search contacts directly from Facebook account without having to change the apps. As I say before Facebook hello is full of features and you will learn about them when you try it. One of the features that I really like is that Facebook hello block automatically calls from users that have been blocked before by other users before.

Unfortunately the app is available to download only a few countries. There is no word if it will be available on other countries as well. Even the Facebook team isn’t sure about that. To check if you live in one of the luckiest countries and if you can download the Facebook hello dialer app, jump into Play Store and search it by name. If you are lucky the app will appear on the search result otherwise if you live in any of the unsupported country nothing will appear when you search.

If you tried the first method and nothing found still don’t worry. The Facebook hello APK is released and anyone can download it. If you want to enjoy the Facebook hello and all its features but you live in one of the unsupported country simply grab the apk file and install it. Make sure to enable Unknown Sources under Settings.

Facebook Hello apk

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