Install CyanogenMod Menu & User Interface On PSP (Download Link)

Are you a bored PSP user that is looking for something new to do with its device. Have you ever thought that the interface of the famous Android Custom ROM will be available for PSP too. Now you can make your PSP looks like an android device running CyanogenMod ROM.

Here you are going to find a software which will be used as a replacement for the PSP’s XMB. The developers of this project say that this is in the early stage so it might not be stable enough to be used as a daily driver, but however if you like to experience new things in tech world and you are that kind of guy who like to mess up with different consoles you may want to give it a try.

But remember even though you might install this software and make your PSP look like an Android device, it still is a PSP. It will never run Android apps because the PSP doesn’t have the hardware capabilities to do that. The purpose of this software is not to transform your PSP into an Android device. It allows you to do everything a PSP does but with a different UI and additional features like a built-in File Manager and Text Editor.

psp-cyanogenmod user interface

Consider this software as a new launcher on Android but in PSP case it has some extra features. Since the software is not stable the developer haven’t added any auto-boot functions. The project is in the early stage and there are a lot of things to do.

Despite the fact that most of the options added in this software are working, it still can’t be considered as a daily driver. If you have decided to install this software on your PSP you can download it here.

The progress of what is working and what’s not can be checked here.

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