[APK] Download Galaxy S7 Keyboard App

This year Samsung unveiled Galaxy S7 at MWC. As we are used to seeing the brand new Galaxy device has really good specs and it comes with a lot of improvements both in hardware and software. As soon as the new device was released a huge number of people pre-ordered it but not anyone can afford to but it because it is expected to have an expensive price.

As usually once a new device is being released and its system dump goes live the developers port the featuring apps. Actually, they port all the apps because they are improved to be faster and with more features. Usually, the apps are being available only for few devices on the same line.

For example, we have seen Galaxy S6 keyboard ported to other Samsung phones but it works only on official Lollipop Touchwiz firmware. The developers are very careful when they port apps and they work perfectly in supported devices. From what we have seen until now there is a great work by the developers at the XDA community.

Galaxy S7 keyboard

When it comes to the Galaxy S7, its system dump it’s not released yet but it will be available soon. It’s just a matter of days. So once it is being released we gonna have the chance to enjoy its application on our old Samsung devices. For now, only Galaxy S7 ringtones and wallpapers are available to download. The apps will be available for the next few weeks.

We recommend you to stay tuned and bookmark this page because we gonna update it soon with the working apk of Galaxy S7 keyboard so you can download and use it on other Android devices. Until now we only can suggest you to install the working Galaxy S6 keyboard while waiting for the S7 keyboard to be released online so we can download it. So guys stay tuned if you wanna get a piece of Galaxy S7.

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