Download Google Pixel Camera V4.2 APK

After a couple of days that Google started shipping Pixel and Pixel XL devices, developers got it and start porting the apps. While many people are excited to get the new phone, most of the others are waiting to test the new apps and then decide to buy the device or not.

We have seen the Nougat 7.0 system dump of Pixel devices being available to download. So it won’t take long for the developers to port all the featured app. They have already started porting and the first app you can install right away is Google Pixel Camera app V4.2.

So in this article you are going to learn how to install Google Pixel Camera app on other Android devices. The camera app v4.2 is available only on Pixel devices even though it’s a new version of the Google Camera. Below you are going to find a apk file. Just download it and install as normal.


Despite the fact that Google Pixel camera app is ported to Nougat 7.0, it doesn’t work on other devices except Nexus phones. Only if you have such a device like Nexu 5X, Nexus 6P etc you will be able to download and install Google Pixel Camera app v4.2.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL camera app v4.2 apk read below:

Download Google Pixel/Pixel XL Camera APK V4.2

Download the apk file from the link above. Install it as a normal APK and that’s all. In case you can’t install Google Pixel camera on you device than you need to enable “Unknown Sources” under Settings > Security.

The new camera app will not install over the old app. So just install it as normal and go to app drawer to find it. If you install the Google Pixel Camera app, you will see two apps on the app drawer.

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