Download & Install Custom Recovery On Nexus 6P

Here it goes guys. Today we are going to learn a simple way to install a Custom Recovery on Nexus 6P. The guide provided below is super easy and anyone who has a computer, internet, USB cable and of course a Nexus 6P device can do it.

Having a Custom Recovery is the first step you need to do if you want to customize further your Android device. It allows you to flash different file starting from the most simplest like mods and going further to install ROMs and Kernels.

Every Android device has a recovery installed by default but it doesn’t allow you to perform much actions. Through the default recovery you just can do basic action like wipe data and factory reset but you can’t flash files. That’s why it’s needed a Custom Recovery.

In this post we have covered the simplest guide to install Custom Recovery on Nexus 6P using ADB & Fastboot. The procedure is very easy. You just need some early preparations and then you can do it.

Custom Recovery Nexus 6P

Note: Here at Dorylabs no one shall held any kind of responsibility for any trouble you may experience with your phone. All our guides are tested and they work but if you don’t be carefull issues can happen. So make sure to read all the preparations and the installation steps carefully.

Early Preparations

Tutorial – Install Custom Recovery On Nexus 6P

  • Download recovery.img file of your favourite recovery like TWRP or CWM.
  • Turn off the phone and boot it again into fastboot mode. Press Power Button + Volume Down.
  • Connect your phone to computer using a USB Cable.
  • Rename the recovery file name to customrecovery.img and move it to the ADB folder.
  • Go to ADB folder and press Shift and right-click on your mouse.
  • In the command window that will open write the following code:
fastboot flash recovery customrecovery.img
  • It will install the Custom Recovery on Nexus 6P.
  • Now type the following code:
fastboot reboot
  • Your device will reboot and the Custom Recovery is installed on your phone.

You have successfully installed a a Custom Recovery on Nexus 6P. Enjoy it and if you have any other question feel free to do in the comment section below.

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