Download & Install Galaxy S6 S Health App

Download another glimpse of Galaxy S6 on your Android phone. Today I’m gonna share with you another ported app of Galaxy S6, the S Health app. It is ported directly from Galaxy S6 and its available to download right away.

Previously we have seen the Galaxy S6 Keyboard app ported to other Samsung Galaxy devices running a Lollipop ROM. S6 Launcher is also here so you can enjoy Lollipop interface of Galaxy S6 on your older device.

Other apps are also ported and you can search on our site for them. Now in this article we are going to talk about the Galaxy S6 S Health app which is ported to other Android devices. Thanks to the XDA Senior Member AndroidState” we can install and enjoy the S Health ap of Galaxy S6.

The developer says that the app is ported only to Galaxy Note 4 and not tested on other devices. So if you want to install Galaxy S6 Health app on you Android phone, proceed at your own risk and don’t point the finger on me if anything goes wrong.

Ported Galaxy S6 S Health App


  • Make sure that your phone is rooted than go ahead with the installation of Galaxy S6 S Health App.
  • Install a File Manager with root access like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer. You can download them both from Play Store.
  • Lollipop ROM. Galaxy S6 S Health App will work only on Lollipop ROMs no matter is an official update or a Custom ROM.


Install Galaxy S6 S Health App

  • Using Root File Explorer go to priv-app/S Health.
  • Backup the file inside the app and then erase it.
  • Download Galaxy S6 Health App on your phone.
  • Using Root Explorer copy the file and paste it to priv-app/S Health.
  • Rename it to Shealth3_5.apk.
  • Change permissions to rw–r–r.
  • Reboot.

If for any reason pedometer doesn’t work download and use S Health Service from the link above. If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below. If not then click the Like button below. I would appreciate it too much.

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