Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Launcher Theme Is Available To Download On Any Android

Download and install Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Launcher theme on your Android device. Since the Galaxy S6 come as premium device with glass and metal body and with a new TouchWiz skin faster than before, free of bloats and without any lag, a huge number of devices are already preordered.

If you are not one of those lucky people who can afford buying a new Galaxy S6, or you don’t have a chance to preorder it, still don’t worry. You can have a glimpse of Galaxy S6 on your Android device. In fact it I the biggest piece of cake and you can already get it.

We are talking about Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Launcher Theme which is available to download on every Android device. So even if you can’t buy a brand new Galaxy S6 you still can make your Android device looks like the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 Touchwiz Launcher theme is very similar to the original launcher that Galaxy S6 brings to its users.

Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Launcher Theme

Are you getting exited that you can transform your old Android device into a Galaxy S6. What if we say that you can download either the TouchWiz Launcher Theme or the featured apps a of Galaxy S6.  Yeah it’s true. The Galaxy S6 featured apps are also ported to other devices. The developer who ported the apps said that he has tested only on Galaxy S4 but from what other peoples have reported the apps work perfectly even on other devices.

So if you want to make something cool on your Android device, what else you can do better than transforming it into a Galaxy S6. You can download the Galaxy S6 Touchwiz Launcher Theme from Play Store.

Download and install Galaxy S6 featured apps by following our guide here. If you want another piece of Galaxy S6, go ahead on Google and search in images for Galaxy S6 wallpapers.

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