Download Nova Launcher V4.0 APK

One of the best Launcher for Android is Nova. If you want speed and performance Nova Launcher is the first you should install on your device. The free version of Nova Launcher is limited. If you want to enjoy all the features of it you will need to download Nova Launcher Prime which is not free.

A good news is coming, Nova Launcher is being updated with more features. The new version 4.0 brings tons of optimization and almost all the features of Nova Launcher that were limited on the free version are available. We managed to find the way you can download Nova Launcher 4.0 apk.

What Nova Launcher 4.0 brings to you.

The new version of Nova Launcher is highly customizable and it allows you to replace Android home screen if your device is running Android 4+. You can configure the number of rows and columns depending your needs. Now you can add as many app and widget as you need.

Scrollable Dock. This is the best way to keep your app organized. Put your favourite apps on the dock, you can place up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.

Scrolling your home screen in Nova Launcher 4.0 is more easy and beautiful thought the effects added to it. Effects include Cardstack and Cube for Nova Launcher Prime users.

Nova Launcher 4.0

Backup & Restore

Nova Launcher 4.0 offers a possibility to export your settings and layout before you wipe the phone. You can get this settings back later. This has been available only on Nova Launcher Prime but thanks to the new update we can enjoy it for free.

New Folder Icons And App Features

Nova Launcher 4.0 brings new icons style. You can choose between many icons and backgrounds. It also brings another feature, allowing you to hide never used apps

These and much more features you will enjoy only on Nova Launcher 4.0. So don’t lose your time go and grab the apk file.

To download Nova Launcher apk which is still in beta testing firstly you have to join Google Plus community here. Once you join the community opt-in here and  receives beta updates through Play Store.

You also can download the apk manually.

Download Nova Launcher 4.0 release apk here.

Download Nova Launcher Beta apk here.

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