How Do Manufacturers Secure Smartphones (or gadget products) While In Transit?

Have you ever wondered how it is that an object as delicate as the new Samsung Galaxy or your treasured Xbox gets to you in pristine condition?

Australia Post process 2.6 billion letters a year, that’s not including parcels! They are the biggest retail network but not the only courier service. With the number of parcels being shipped there are bound to be damaged; but you as, a consumer, don’t see them.

The reason is simple. Companies use safety solutions to minimize the risks while their goods are in transit.

How Do They Do It?

You’ve seen the parcel delivery service; product care is not usually their strongest point! This is why the manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure the product is well packaged.

The Packaging

The first step is to design a box that will fit around the product; preventing it from moving. This will reduce the likelihood of it getting scratched or chipped while in transit.

Most Smartphone’s and electronic gadgets have boxes which are designed to keep the main item separate from all the accessories. This further reduces the risk of accidental damage.

The Bigger Picture

The manufacturer can create large boxes designed to hold a set number of phones. These reduce the likelihood of damage even further. But of course this is only useful when they are sending packages to the retail outlet; not to you personally.

Extra Packaging

Instead of just sending the box with your new Smartphone or electronic gadget, the manufacturer will place this inside another package. This may be a jiffy bag or something similar.

The purpose of this is to protect the box from being accidentally spiked by another package or even the van.

This extra layer of protection really helps, but it’s still not enough!

Electronic Sensors

The problem is that these boxes are all still relatively fragile. This means you can easily accept delivery of your new phone only to find it is damaged.

You are then faced with the challenge of getting a refund or replacement from either the manufacturer or the courier. Both will be looking to blame the other!

The solution is in the addition of sensors to the packaging. These will instantly give you the relevant information to decide if you wish to accept the delivery or not:

  • Impact

The impact sensor will indicate that the box has hit something else at a force greater than the manufacturer recommends. It will also show if the box has been tilted at too great an angle.

  • Temperature

Electronic gadgets are sensitive to extreme temperature changes and items left in trucks overnight can get pretty cold, or hot during the day.

The temperature sensor will show you if the temperature has gone outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

These sensors are there to make life easier for you and force the couriers to take more care. If they indicate the item has not been treated properly you must reject it. This will ensure you do get the right product in pristine condition.

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