Download Omni ROM Android 8.1 Oreo on OnePlus 5T

The latest flagship phone of OnePlus is OnePlus 5T. The successor of One Plus 5 became a sensation in the tech market because of its outstanding features. The edge to edge full HD display, dual camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor along with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory made One Plus 5T as one of the best smartphone released in 2017.

When the phone was launched it came with Android Nougat in it. But after the release of Android Oreo, the manufacturers rolled out a beta update of Oreo onto the devices. But as the update given was beta update it isn’t preferable for day to day use.

It is in developer stage now and takes some time to get Android Oreo stable version for One Plus 5T mobiles. But another option has been found out to get Android 8.1 Oreo on One Plus 5T. OmniROM developed by one of the XDA members helps in installing the latest Android Version into One Plus 5T devices.

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There are some small issues that must be addressed before getting downloading the OmniRom for OnePlus 5T.

  • USB tethering is not working as of now on latest OmniROM 8.1 for One Plus 5T.
  • OmniROM 8.1 is not supporting noverity file which means you cannot encrypt the data on phone.
  • It doesn’t support SuperSU and Magsik flashing which means users cannot access the root files present on the device.

If you are OK with the above issues then you can download OmniROM Android 8.1Oreo  into your One Plus 5T.

OnePlus 5T OmniROM

Requirements and Downloads

Step by step procedure to install OmniROM Android Oreo 8.1 on OnePlus 5T

  • Firstly complete all the steps mentioned in the Requirements and download field. Follow the steps carefully.
  • Reboot the smartphone in TWRP recovery mode. To reboot in recovery mode, press and hold the power and volume up button together for some seconds.
  • Make sure to wipe all the data in TWRP recovery mode in the wipe section.
  • Once all the data present on your OnePlus 5T have been wiped download the files from the links mentioned above.
  • Transfer both files from your PC to OnePlus 5T using original USB cable only.
  • Go to install section in TWRP.
  • Select the OmniROM 8.1 ROM present in your smartphone.
  • Swipe the zip file to flash it.
  • Now select GApps package zip file and flash it too.
  • After flashing both the files, wipe the cache and reboot the phone to your system.
  • After completion of rebooting, you can find the your One Plus 5T running on a latest Android version Oreo 8.1 on OmniROM 8.1. Google apps are preinstalled, so there is no need to worry about that.

One thing that must be remembered is this OmniROM is in developer mode and isn’t stable. So there is a chance that some bugs might be observed.

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Features of OmniROM

  • Updated features in LED present on the phone
  • Customized colors for LED pulse.
  • 180 and 270- degree rotation for display and lock screen.
  • Advanced Dual column layout.
  • Customizable status bar.
  • Customized options for long press of power and volume keys.
  • Omniswitch is a feature that provides users with a different set of icons for apps present in their device.
  • Gesture reorganization, several screen caliber options, Vibration strength customization.
  • Dynamic notification panel headers for all the notifications that you receive from different apps.

OmniROM is the most preferred ROM among the other ROMs that support One Plus 5T. If you are in search of an easily configurable ROM, then this is the right option for you.

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