Download Pure Nexus ROM On Pixel XL

The PureNexus project brings plethora of features and stability to your Nexus and Pixel Device. This ROM is based on Google version of Android. It’s the best ROM to consider as a daily driver if you are looking for a stable ROM with features and optimizations. There are few minimal bugs but probably you won’t notice them.

In this post, we are going to help you to download and install Pure Nexus ROM on Pixel XL device. One of the highlights of Pure Nexus ROM is the Substratum integration. My favorite is theme engine that lets you install various themes and it offers many customization options.

Pure Nexus ROM

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Why should I download Pure Nexus ROM on Pixel XL?

Firstly this is a stable ROM with tons of tweaks. So you may want to install Pure Nexus ROM on Pixel XL and have all this tweaks and customization. You will get plethora of tweaks for your lock screen, notification menu, navigation and status bar, power menu and much more.


Here at DoryLabs we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone as a result of installing Pure Nexus ROM. If you don’t know what you’re doing, better make some research and then come back here. If you make up your mind and want to download Pure Nexus ROM on Pixel XL device, do it at your own risk. Do not put the finger on anyone if things go wrong. The ROM is tested and fully working but sometimes issues can happen, be careful when installing a custom ROM.


How to install Pure Nexus ROM on Pixel XL

  • You should have the latest bootloader, radio, vendor image
  • You must have TWRP recovery installed
  • Now after you get the TWRP, turn off your phone
  • Boot into recovery using the proper key combination
  • Wipe Data and Factory Reset
  • Go to the install section and flash the ROM
  • Flash TWRP recovery zip file again because the ROM overwrites it (Pixel thing)
  • If you want Root, flash SuperSU
  • Reboot into the system

The first boot may take a while because the system is configured for the first time use. Just wait for it and in a while your Pixel XL will be running Pure Nexus ROM. If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below. We will be happy to hear your thoughts and why not help you solve the problems you may encounter while installing this ROM.



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