How To Enable Developer Options & USB Debugging On Android

“Developer Option” is a kind of a small menu with various options. It is designed for developers and those people who like to explore and modify their Android devices. It has been available since in the first build of Android and for a long time, it was available under Setting.

Since the manufacturers don’t like too much you edit and customize your device they decided to hide the Developer Options on the release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. However, it’s not hard to get it back and in this article, you will learn how to do it.

Developer Options, as the name says is kind of a menu with various options that are designed not for normal user. So basically you need to access it when you want to make changes to your device.

Under Developer Options, you will find “USB Debugging” that is needed to properly connect the device to the computer. You can transfer files and give commands to the phone via computer using ADB and Fastboot. So a plethora of new options will you get if you enable Developer Options.

That’s the beauty of Android that it allows you to do radical changes to the system. Being an open source operating system means that you can take the code and develop it on your needs. That’s what a developer does. They take the code and create ROMs, Kernels, and mods.They take the source code of stock Android firmware and develop it more. ROMs and Kernels that they create are optimized for better performance and all the pre-installed apps or bloatware are removed since they don’t do any other thing just draining the battery and eat some storage.

Flashing ROMs, Official Firmware, Kernels and such things you need to enable USB debugging in order to allow the phone to properly communicate with the computer. So if you are going to install a Firmware or anything similar the first step you have to do is to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging.

Under Developer Options Menu beside the USB Debugging options, you will see other settings like:

  • Change Animations Scale
  • Stay Awake While Charging
  • Show Screen Updates
  • Bug Report
  • Show CPU Usage
  • Force GPU Rendering
  • Verify Apps Via USB

How To Enable Developer Options

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and go to About Phone.
  • There is an option “Build Number”
  • Tap on it seven times
  • A message will appear “Congratulation! You are now a developer”
  • Go back and then go again to Settings.
  • Scroll down and you will see a new menu “Developer Options”
  • That’s all.

How to enable USB Debugging

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and open Developer Options.
  • Under Debugging, tick the box near USB Debugging.

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  1. and if you get all the way through those steps to realize your usb debugging is greyed out from myknox?? Device wont let me get rid of myknox in any way..

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