How To Fix HTC One M9 Overheating Issue

As rumours says the Snapdragon 810 chipset suffers from overheating issue and the HTC One M9 users were the first that have reported this problem. According to HTC’s Communication Manger the HTC One M9 wasn’t running the finalized software. He explains that an update will come soon and it will solve the overheating issue. It’s very nasty to have a phone which heats up to a high temperature sometimes about 67°C.

This issue was reported early that Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 will experience some problem with overheating, so that’s probably why Samsung and LG decided not to use this chipset on theirs flagship devices. Samsung goes with the Exynos Octa-Core chipset while the LG decided to use the old Snapdragon 808. They probably has done the best solution because neither Samsung’s users nor LG users haven’t reported any overheating issue with their smartphone. It’s better to have an old chipset rather that a bran new one that will get very hot.

The problem is here now and the only thing we can do is to fix it. As HTC early reported that the issue will be fixed by an update, it resulted to be true. A XDA Forum Member named as herwegan reported that HTC has solved the overheating problem. The developer says that its source with a HTC One M9 received a OTA update with the changelog “thermal improvements and camera improvements”. Also another user twitted about the update saying that the HTC has finalized the software and the device is ready to be shipped worldwide.

Fix HTC One M9 overheating issue

This is a good news for all those who were planing to buy the HTC One M9. Don’t be freak about the overheating problem. Now it is gone and the phone runs smoothly without overheating. The device is tested after the update and the it don’t gets hot up to 40°C. So don’t be freak to buy the new device but remember not to buy new devices if they aren’t finalized and shipped worldwide.

If you have bought a HTC One M9 and it is suffering from overheating issue then you should go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and check if any update is available for you device. Once you update it you will notice that your HTC One M9 won’t suffer any more from overheating issue. The update will Fix HTC One M9 Overheating.


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