How To Fix LG G3 Shut Down Without Any Reason – Turn Off By Itself

Being a great device doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Nothing is perfect, in this case we are talking about LG G3. It may have all what you need from a smartphone like high specs, good camera sensor, a QHD screen and the latest Android version. LG G3 is one the best you can find around and with a beautiful design it is the best choice you can do nowadays.

It might be with good specs and many other features and optimizations for better performance, but lot of LG G3 users are complaining about strange issues like Auto-Rotate stops working, Bluetooth has stopped, Aux cable issues. The last reported problem is that LG G3 suddenly shut down. The phone will turn off without any reason and if you don’t take it on your hand you will never notice that the phone is turned off.

Until now we haven’t seen any report from LG about this issue but according to some rumours it might be a firmware fault and will be fixed in the next update. So you can’t do anything to solve it permanently, but in Android there is still something you can do. Below are a few tricks that have helped many G3 users and they may help you also.

How To Fix LG G3 Shut Down By Itself

In most of the cases when your Android device experience problem like this a Factory Reset can solve every thing. The problem might be related to installed apps. They may cause a conflict and force phone to shut down. You can try to uninstall apps one by one but this would be lost of time and sometimes you will never find the proper app that causing the problem. Before doing a Factory Reset make sure to backup all your important data.

Underclocking can be a reason that your phone is turned off by itself. While most of the people overclock their devices for better performance, in the other hand there are a small number of users who underclock their device for better battery life.

There is at recommended value to overclock and underclock your device. If you already have done some changes of frequency make sure to set in recommended values.

Consider a good solution rooting your phone and installing a Custom ROM. They are optimized for better performance and contains bug fixes. If you have done that, we recommend to do that. You will not only fix the shut down issue but also will have many other features and optimisation for your LG G3.

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