How to Fix Stuck in Verifying iOS Update on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X

Is your phone still stuck in that verifying mode while updating iOS? This is really a cumbersome task. You get irritated when suddenly while rebooting your phone, you get stuck up in verifying mode for a longer period of time. And you have to make that necessary call, your iPhone gives you a signal of verifying and updating your phone. The most irritating thing is to reboot and hold on to your phone. This happens with everybody quite often. You are in the middle of calling somebody and your phone shows you that signal, so you have to verify that till then the main screen will not appear.

Now updating and verifying sometimes can be quick and sometimes can take a lot of time and yes even an hour. Though the signal appears too small, we do not realize that it is taking almost an hour. Sometimes what happens is that your phone does get stuck up in this situation which the most unwanted situation.

You want to make a call or message something important but your phone gets hanged. Though verifying iOS is a simple and not too time taking process, but sometimes on iPhone, it might take time and gets stuck in that verifying mode. There is no need to worry at all about this. This is normal with every other iPhone.

iOS stuck on verifying update

The update may look simple and small but it is actually time taking. So once when you experience something like this when you are probably in a hurry, you don’t want to get your phone held up for so long. What you can do is to take out time, sit back and relax as now you know that you have ample time to reboot and update or verify your phone.

Verifying iPhone restores with apple is taking too long. This happens because the process which we think is not too tough and complicated, but it actually is. While updating and verifying ios 10.3.1 verifying update stuck, you need to reboot your phone. When you download ios 10.3.2 verifying update on your I phone, you will see a “verifying update” screen. You need to click on that button and give it an okay click by clicking on it. Normally it takes only a few minutes but sometimes it gets stuck up for hours. This happens generally when you download a new software/version of ios 10.3 verifying updates.

This happens because there are millions and billions of Apple users all over who are downloading ios 10 verifying update at the same time and hence you get stuck.

How long does it take to verify iPhone software update?

Normally any update takes only a couple of minutes but this can take up to several hours. Just due to the reasons that billions of apple users are using the tool and updating and verifying at the same time. Thus disabling the feature of verifying update, you get stuck. Sometimes what happens is the phone might get rebooted because of long hours of downloading and updating.

So if next times when you do not want yourself to get stuck up while updating and verifying, update your phone’s software with I tunes or OTA.

OTA means over the air, which is the easiest way to verify any update.
You may encounter problems while updating the new or latest version of iOS update. So what you have to do is to reboot your I phone. The rebooting of your phone will fix all the problems.

  • Lock and unlock your iPhone iPad: keep pressing the power button for several times
  • Reboot your phone a couple of times.
  • Release the buttons after your opine switches off.
  • Manually upgrade the version of iOS.

If you follow the steps you will not face any issue of getting stuck up at verifying update in iPhones.

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