List of Project Treble Supported Android Phones

Android 8.0 Oreo is rolling out with a new feature “Project Treble”. An attempt made by Google to modularize Android. Usually, the updates pushed by Google to phones and tablets won’t show many variations and are just ok in providing new updates.

It is shocking to know that more than 360 million people are still using Android 4.4 KitKat, which proves that Google isn’t successful in reaching the users with its new updates.

But the update given by Google in Android 8.0 is worth talking. It has launched a new and promising feature “Project Treble”, which is a big boon for OEM developers.

More about Project Treble

Usually, the latest Android updates aren’t reaching to most of the devices. Google Pixel and Nexus are the phones that get constant updates.  But what about the remaining phones? Many phones get an update after a long time of its release.

Users approach OEMs and Google for updates but now the situation is going to change with Project Treble. Project Treble coming with Android 8.0 Oreo and is going to modify the OS framework. The main focus of Project Treble is to give faster updates and make it easy for OEMs to roll the updates for devices.

Treble is the best feature given by Google till now but this works behind the screen and customer won’t even have any idea about it.

Working on Project Treble

When an Android device is launched into the market, based on the company and price range the utmost updates that the mobile receive will be only two whereas iPhone gives constant updates for three to four years. The reason for this issue is the security patch of old Android Phones.

Usually, the previous updates to the OS require device makers go through a heavy task of completely retooling the OS and code which costs a fortune as well. Treble aims at vendor implementation, an Android architecture part which has direct access to the hardware inside the phone. But now this Project Treble is going to make vendor implementation future proof and giving guaranteed updates for two to three years from the day of manufacturing.

Many brands are not releasing new updates to the phone because they want to gather more attention to their newly released phones. But with this Project Treble phones will get sooner updates and users won’t miss the new features anymore.

project treble

Devices supporting “Project Treble”

Many devices received Android Oreo updates but not all the devices are going to support Treble. The old devices which are updated to Nougat may lack Treble as it is going to be a bigger task for manufacturers.

Here is a list of devices that supports Android Oreo with Project Treble

Google Pixel

There are four variants of Google which are going to support Android Oreo with Project Treble.

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Google Pixel 2XL

Being a product of Google itself, many people had thought that Google would have rolled out Project Treble with Oreo to all its devices but there are some devices which aren’t compatible with Project Treble like Google Nexus 6P, Google Nexus 5S, Google Pixel C.

Essential PH-1

This August released phone was launched with Nougat but updating Essential PH-1 to Oreo will make the device compatible which eventually supports another two updates that come in the future.

Sony Xperia

Sony is making a strong comeback into the mobile market with Sony Xperia new series of phones. These phones are compatible with Oreo and support Project Treble.

  • Sony Xperia XZ1.
  • Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact.


This Chinese Telecommunications company has been frequently proving itself with best Android Phones and good features and is making a statement by giving Oreo support with Project Treble.

As of now these are the devices which are supporting Project Treble and a lot more devices are going to be added in the coming future.

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