Fixed Galaxy S8 / S8+ Delayed Push Notification Issues

After the debacle of Samsung Note 7, Samsung has learned the issues of cramming a large battery into the handset which is why special care has been taken while designing S8 and S8 Plus. The batteries incorporated in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are 3000mAh and 3500 mAh respectively.

In order to balance the battery capacity and battery life, Samsung has made some changes in S8 and S8 Plus which are bugging users a lot. Some tricks played by Samsung to keep the balance are:

  • Decreasing the default screen resolution to 1080P.
  • Trying to warn the user to not max the brightness of the phone.
  • Delaying the push notifications.

Delay of Push Notifications

Delaying the push notifications is the worst trick of all. For some apps like Facebook or Instagram it isn’t a big deal but when it comes to mailing, WhatsApp, we chat it is the biggest problem. A missing notification from any of these apps can create a disastrous effect on either personal or professional life.

People are using smartphones to stay connected with their loved ones and these notifications help you to stay connected even when you are not looking at phone by notifying you.  The sad part is to know that big flagship mobiles are missing the notifications.

These push notifications was an issue in Chinese phones in the name of battery optimization but it wasn’t an issue at all in Samsung or LG. But the recent, big flagship phone Samsung S8 and S8 Plus are facing this problem.

Galaxy S8 delayed push notifications

It can be solved but people are angry on Samsung as they just popped out the new feature without even informing users about it. People won’t even get to know about the messages or emails that they got until they open the apps. This is the worst move ever taken by Samsung.

Big threads of complaints made by the users are circling on social media. People were trying to solve this issue but are unable to do that because it is not easy to get the access to the settings of battery optimization.

The users have to dig deep into the settings of the phone to find this feature. Here is a guide to get into the feature and disable it.

How to Enable Push Notifications

Here is a quick guide to enable push notifications in Samsung S8 and S8 Plus:

  • Swipe down on your home screen to see the notification toggle.
  • In the notification toggle, you will find quick settings (cog shape).
  • In the settings page, scroll down.
  • You will find an option of Apps in there
  • Click on Apps option.
  • In the apps option, a three-dot menu icon can be found on the right topmost corner.
  • Click on that.
  • A series of menus will pop up.
  • Select Special access in that menu.
  • There the “Optimize battery usage” option can be found.
  • Click Optimize battery usage.
  • Click on Apps not optimized.
  • A drop-down menu with all the apps will be shown there.
  • Select all apps so that all the apps present on phone can be seen.
  • Now find the apps for which you want the notifications to be enabled and disable them.
  • From now those apps won’t be optimized and those apps run in the background giving you the push notifications of that specific app.


It is recommended for the users to disable the push notifications of various messaging apps and email apps as those are the important apps. It is weird to disable the apps in order to get the notifications from them but after spending a lot of bucks to buy a phone, users can’t silently sit and watch when their phone isn’t receiving notifications right? So it is important to work out on the small flaws so that they won’t affect our personal or professional life.

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  1. I am trying to use skype on my Samsung S8, and whenever my screen is locked/black or gone to sleep it will not light up my phone screen and ring. i have followed your steps above and it did not work. I have changed so many of my phone settings trying to work this out and it will not work? is there any more advice you could give me?

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