How to Fix Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Restart Issues

The best and anticipated phones of Samsung were released earlier this year and made many heads turn towards them. This beautiful and bezel-less phones are attractive as well as incorporated with awesome, new features.

There were many issued spotted on these phones which Samsung resolved in the newest update patch. The one new problem that many people are complaining about is Samsung Galaxy S8 restart problem.

Yes, you heard it right. Samsung S8 users are facing issues with auto restart. The phones keep on rebooting themselves. This is a major issue compared to others.

What is the main issue?

The Galaxy S8 has been rebooting itself constantly making it impossible for users to run the phone and use any app on the phone. The phone is restarting when it is in idle mode also. This issue has bugged many users and they have posted many queries in Samsung and xda-developers forum.

Many searches were made on Google regarding Galaxy S8 reboot problem. The problem is persisting even in safe mode which clearly shows that this problem is not being caused by an app.

Some people say that this issue is because of biometric problems like using both fingerprint sensor and face recognition at the same time locks the phone but this doesn’t make sense at all.

Some others are saying that this problem is because of SD cards.

Here are some solutions for this problem which has solved some people’s issues. Try your luck by following them:

Galaxy S8 Restart

Solutions to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Auto restart issue

Move Apps to Internal Storage from SD Card

Normally users save their apps on SD card. Transferring the apps from SD card to internal storage has solved the issue for a set of users.

Here is the step by step to show the transfer of apps:

  • Open settings in your Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Open Apps
  • You will get the list of Apps that are on your phone, select the app that you want to move.
  • Click on the app, then Storage and then click on change.
  • A menu will pop up.
  • Select the internal storage option.
  • You will get a prompt of moving the apps from internal storage to SD card.
  • Click on move and then wait for a few minutes until the app moves.

Repeat the same for all the apps present on the SD card. Move all the apps into the internal storage.

Run Device Maintenance to Check for Malware

Check for any malware present on your device by running the device maintenance. Follow the below guide to run the maintenance

  • Open settings option in your menu.
  • Click on device maintenance
  • Then click on optimize now

Running the device maintenance will allow you to know whether all apps are updated and are supporting the device. You will get a clearer idea of any viruses or malware present on your device.

Remove the SD card

Many users problem of Galaxy S8 random reboot has been solved by this method. Remove the SD card from your device and check if the problem persists again. This is a temporary solution for your problem. Once the problem is acknowledged by the Samsung any solution for Galaxy S8 issue may be given in the form of update patch.

Check for any Misbehaving Apps in Safe mode

For some people, the problem was occurring even in the safe mode but for some others, there were no issues in safe mode. So check your device once whether the problem is occurring in safe mode and if there is no problem then check for an app that is misbehaving.

Factory Reset

Factory reset your phone once so that any viruses, malware or any misbehaving app can be deleted and the problem may be solved. Here is the quick guide on how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Go to settings.
  • Open back up and reset option.
  • Click on reset.
  • A prompt will appear asking you to erase all data
  • Click on it and it will reset your phone.

These are some of the potential solutions for Galaxy S8 restarting issues. Try them and see your chance of solving the problem.

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