How to Fix Auto-Rotate Not Working on Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus are beautiful phones with an attractive and bezel-less display. Even though they are such great phones, there are some errors that users are facing on these phones. The most irritating error is auto-rotate not working on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Rotating the screen as you like and whenever you need is very important and many users have complained about the issue that they have been facing in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Solution to Fix Auto-Rotate Problem in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

1- Enable Auto Rotation Mode

The first and obvious thing you have to do is check whether the auto-rotation mode is on or off. To check it, drag down the notification toggle and check the status. If you see portrait in the toggle then your phone is not in auto rotate mode. Tap on the portrait icon and wait a second. You will see auto rotation symbol. Now the auto rotation is enabled on your phone.

2- Restart the phone

If auto-rotation isn’t working after enabling it, then try restarting your phone once. Sometimes phones get stuck and stop some functions from working. Press the power button and hold it until you see power menu, now pick restart option. Your phone will reboot and this may make the auto-rotation to work.

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3- Check out the Accelerometer and G-sensor

Auto-rotation is highly dependent on G-sensor and accelerometer. So calibrate your phone to fix the auto rotation problem. First switch off the auto rotate mode and place your phone on a flat surface. Go to settings and select calibrate to calibrate the phone. After the mobile is calibrated, you can check whether the auto-rotate mode is working or not by switching it back again.

4- Check Toolwiz

Samsung relies more on TouchWiz. So make sure that the Touchwiz is working perfectly. If the problem persists after following all the above steps try clearing the cache of TouchWiz. Go to settings menu>>Applications>> Application Manager>>Touchwiz. Tap on the TouchWiz and then clear the cache.

5- Problem arose due to Third Party Apps

Some apps would be needing permissions to operate the phone in auto rotate mode and sometimes if they won’t work properly, it may affect the working of autorotation. This is the time when you need to enter into the safe mode. Safe mode is a phase where users can access all the inbuilt functions but won’t be able to operate third-party apps. Follow the below steps to enter safe mode and check from where the problem persists

  • Switch off the phone.
    • Wait for some seconds, then press the power button and hold to switch on the phone.
    • Press the power key until Samsung logo appears on the phone.
    • Release the power key and instantly press the volume down button.
    • Hold the volume down key until the phone restarts.
    • You are entered into the safe mode.
    • Now check the auto rotation function on this phone.
    • If the phone works fine in Safe mode then the problem is because of any third party apps. Delete those apps immediately.

6- Update your Phone to Latest Software

Some problems arise due to the software bugs. So keep your phone updated all the time. To know whether your phone has updated software go to settings>>About Device>>Tap on check updates. If you find any updates immediately update the phone with the latest software.

7- Hardware Issue

If neither of the above tips worked for you, then the problem is due to hardware. Take your phone to the expert in Samsung store. Don’t forget to take your phone to the authorized dealers only.

Final Words

Never ever do any experiments with your phone until you have complete knowledge about it. Consult the Samsung service center to fix the auto rotation problem or for replacement.

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