Galaxy Note 3 – Multi PPI & Remove Time Limit In 4K Video With Latest Camera Mod

The latest Camera Mod for Galaxy Note 3 brings plethora of features and optimizations for you camera. It offers Multi DPI and also Remove Time Limit In 4K Video. So if you are bored with the stock camera and its limitations, it’s time to change and install the latest camera mod.

Galaxy Note series has proven to be powerful devices and the last year flagship, the Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best device you can find around in markets. For the specs and what it offers to it’s users, Galaxy Note 3 is better than some other devices released times later.

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Galaxy Note 3 has also a awesome camera wich can make high quality videos. It can record 4k videos but it has time limitation. Thanks to the amazing developer and the open source nature of Android everything is customizable. If you think that something on your device needs to upgrade, just do a little search because maybe the developers might have created something for you.

camera-mod galaxy note 3

This time we are going to improve camera quality, both in capturing pictures and videos. Just download and install the new camera mod and you will notice the change on your phone. Except it will remove time limit in 4k video, the latest camera mod has also some other features.

  1. No limitations on low battery,
  2. No limit in 4k video
  3. Uncompressed photos.
  4. Multi DPI.


  • Rooted device.
  • Custom Recovery installed like TWRP  or CWM
  • Camera Mod. Download here.
  • A Galaxy Note 3 N9005. Make sure your phone is the same model. Go to Settings > About Phone > Model Number.

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How To Remove Time Limit on 4K Video with new Camera Mod on Galaxy Note 3

  • Download Camera Mod file from the link above.
  • Put is somewhere on your device where you can easily find it.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Boot into Recovery.
  • Flash the file.
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy !

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