How to Create a Mobile Friendly Resume

In nowadays the usage of our smartphones is incredibly high. We use them quite a lot and sometimes they have replaced the things we used to do with a computer. If you’re a job seeker or you recently have searched for a job probably most of the time you have used your mobile phone to search for a job on online portals.

But have you ever thought that the recruiters can check the resumes on their mobile phones? Let me tell you that if the company isn’t big enough to have a human resources department that stay all the working day in front of the computer to check the resumes, chances are the recruiter will take a look on the resumes on a mobile phone. So what are your chances that your resume stands out from the others?

If you are creating a resume from your mobile phone you can either choose a template such as an iPhone resume template or you can follow the tips below to make a mobile-friendly curriculum vitae. If you are still wondering if it worth it to make or not a resume that looks good on a phone read further.

There are two main reasons why your resume should look good on a mobile phone.

Reason one: We use our smartphones more than we use the computer. Let’s suppose you’re just checking your Facebook news feed and out of the blue, you see a job offer that interests you. How could you apply for this job if you don’t have your computer? In such cases, your mobile device comes in handy but you need to know how to create a resume from a mobile device.

Reason 2: Let’s suppose you have created a resume on your computer and saved it as a document or a pdf file but does it fit on a mobile device and look as pretty and eye-catching as it looks on your computer. There are chances that the recruiters check the resumes on the go. Wouldn’t you like to stand out from all the other applications? To be sure that your resume will stand out you will need to make it look nice even on a small screen of a smartphone.

Easy Tips to make a resume looks good on mobile phones

-If you are using a computer and the famous Microsoft word to make your resume, make sure to keep your resume look simple and informative. Using complex fonts and sidebars that make look nice on a computer doesn’t necessarily look nice also on a mobile device. So be sure to use simple fonts. Sometimes the simplicity is the real form of beauty. In the end, your resume should show your qualifications and not your art creative side. So we would recommend to stick at the most well-known fonts and keep your resume simple.

-Put the most important information on the top of the CV and make sure not to overload it with nonsense and longer explanation content. Puting the best information at the top of your resume will make sure that the recruiter will see it. If the resume is boring in the beginning, perhaps the recruiter won’t read it at all. So why not present your best skills and qualifications on the top of your resume.

You already created a resume that looks nice and simple at the same time. Do not make the mistake to save it as a word file but instead save it as a pdf file. MS Word document can lose its consistency and may not look the same on a mobile device as you see it on a computer screen. To keep the data the same, pdf format is the best because it is mobile friendly.

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