Galaxy Note 5 – Why It Doesn’t Worth Upgrading

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already here and it seems to be one of the best devices Samsung has ever created. It has a premium buddy made by glass and aluminium and also good specs like 4 GB RAM and an octa-core proccesor. Samsung may have made a good phone but unfortunately there are still some things that make us think twice before upgrading.

There are few reasons that we think it doesn’t worth upgrading to Galaxy Note 5. In today article we have picked the missing features of Note 5 that may be important in your daily life. If you have already checked the features of Note 5 than you should also read this article with the features that Samsung left behind and then decide if it worth upgrading to Galaxy Note 5 or not.

 Smaller Battery

Galaxy Note devices always have had a good battery. They are considered as the best devices when it comes to battery life. Samsung has proved that Note devices are the best choice if you want a good device with a long-lasting battery. Galaxy Note 3 has a 3200 mAh battery which is quite good. Note 4 comes also with a new improved 3220 mAh battery.

Galaxy S5 non removable batteryBut in Galaxy Note 5 Samsung made a step backward rather than forward. It improved the device specs, the body is also changed and made by premium materials like glass and aluminum. But making a premium device will cost loose of space for the battery. So instated having a bigger battery, Galaxy Note 4 has only 3000 may battery. It was needed to sacrifice something in order to have a fancy and thin premium device.

Well, Galaxy Note 5 is powered by Android 5.1.1 Lollipop which is improved for better battery life. Also the octa-core Exynos proccesor is also a big improvement but still it’s not enough. We were expecting a new device which will have also a bigger battery between many other improvements and features, but it didn’t happen. Fortunately Galaxy Note 5 has the fast charging feature which means it can be charged faster than other devices, but still I think a bigger battery life is really needed especially when you have a 5.7 inch display phone like Note 5.

Non – Removable Battery

Another strong reason not worth upgrading to Galaxy Note 5 is the fact that it doesn’t have a removable battery. If you plan to buy a new device and use it for more than two years, you should start looking for another device and not the Galaxy Note 5. It would be better buying the Galaxy Note 4 because it does have a removable and replaceable battery.

Removable battery of Galaxy Note 4

This can’t be consider a big problem because mostly of the people change their devices every year or at every two year. So we can’t say that the non-removable battery on Note 5 is a strong reason not to upgrade on it.

Galaxy Note 5 comes with a new desing which was needed to make a non-removable battery. The back cover is also not removable. This is the first Galaxy Note device with a non removable back cover and battery. It’s more related to the new design here, not the features of the device.

No Micro-SD Card For Extra Storage

It’s official now, the Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t have place for a Micro-SD card storage. This is extremely an important feature but Samsung left it out. Being sad to say that, but you won’t be able to expand your storage with a SD Card. Galaxy Note 5 comes with 3 different variants 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, so if you wanna have more storage you need to pay more and it’s too much comparing with the price of SD Card.

Every other Galaxy Note device has 16 or 32 GB memory but you can easily expand it with a 128 GB Micro-SD card. If you want to buy a Galaxy Note 5 and you are thinking to buy the 32 GB variant, you have to think again. Galaxy Note 5 is powered by Android 5.1.1 Lollipop using at least 15 GB of the memory. So in my opinion the 32 GB variant of Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t worth at all. Being a high-end device with huge specs like the 16 MP camera, you will have space only for a few photos and videos.

Note 4 micro SD card

If you wanna have more space than you need to buy the 128 GB variant. It has enough space but the price is so expensive comparing with the 32 GB variant. Even though you may have enough memory on you phone I still prefer having a device with a micro SD card and saving all the important files there. So if your system suddenly crash, it will needed a hard work to recover files and probably in most of the cases you won’t succeed.

So are you still thinking buying a Galaxy Note 5. Well, I won’t buy it. I would rather prefer the Note 4 with an expandable storage than Galaxy Note 5 without it. I have to admit that Note 5 has huge specs that I really like but sometimes we should not upgrade to the new devices just because they have some improved specs. So not having a place for a SD card is a strong reason for not upgrading to Note 5.

No IR Sensor for Remote Controls

Over the past years we are used to see Galaxy devices coming with an IR Sensor you can use it as a Remote Control. All the previous Galaxy devices have that sensor implemented on their buddy, so with a single device you can control the entire devices on your living room.

Android devices IR Sensor

Unfortunately Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t have a IR Sensor. It’s a pity for such a device not having the small and cheap IR sensor. It looks like the new design of Note 5 need to sacrifice many things for just a premium buddy made by glass and aluminum. It could be very helpful because with only your phone you can control all your home devices like TV, Home Theater, DVR, Cable Box and in most of the cases even the air condition.

Also considering the fact that most of people use Galaxy Note Devices to make presentations, the IR Sensor is really needed but unfortunately it’s missed on Galaxy Note 5. So if you really need a device with a IR Sensor than you should get an older device. Galaxy S6 is the best of the moment having good specs, premium aluminium buddy and an IR Sensor. Most of the people don’t really use it but I think it’s a feature that should ‘t miss in high-end devices.

High Price and Cheaper Alternative Phones

Well, we have to admit that Galaxy Note 5 is the best device of the year. Even though it has some missing feature that we mentioned above still it remains a good device. But to get it on your hands you have to pay lot of money while in the other hand there are also lot of best cheap phones that have also good specs.

The 2015 Moto X Pure Edition is very similar to Galaxy Note 5 and it’s cheaper than it. The new Moto X Pure Edition offers the same 5.7 inch Quad HD display like Note 4. It has a 6-core processor and a micro-SD card slot also. It may cost half of the price of Note 5. So you don’t have to spend lot of money for getting a great device. Galaxy Note 5 is better than Moto X Pure Edition and it has a double price. Personally I don’t like to spend much money for getting a smartphone.

Moto x pure edition

If you don’t like the Moto X Pure Edition than there are also other good devices with an affordable price. You can get a OnePlus 2 or LG G4 that really have great specs and are a strong competition to Galaxy Note 5. Also after the Note 5 release the price of Note 4 will drop so you can get it with a good price. Actually there are not much changes between Note 5 and Note 4 expect the premium buddy of Note 5.

Even though there are good phones with affordable prices you still can buy the Galaxy Note 5. It’s definitely a beast in the smartphone world. It might be a little bit overpriced but still it remains a good device and if the price it’s not a problem for you than definitely Note 5 should be your next phone. But I have to say that Samsung has to sacrifice so many things just for a good-looking and fancy premium buddy.

Oneplus two cheaper alternative of Galaxy Note 5


Galaxy Note 5 is definitely the best device of the year. It’s the first Note device coming with a premium buddy made by aluminium and glass. It was needed to sacrifice many things for this fancy body. However it’s not a big deal. If you want more a device with huge specs Note 5 should be your first choice. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor which make it very fast. It’s impossible to notice lag and you can let many apps running in background without worrying about memory.

It’s a pity that Galaxy Note 5 don’t have a place for a SD card and you will need to pay huge money for getting some extra storage. However this missing features may not be very important and you don’t mind that it has a smaller battery or a missing IR sensor. However Note 5 is running Android 5.1.1 Lolipop which is improved to save as much battery as possible so 3000 mAh it’s enough for lasting more than a day at normal usage.

It might be expensive but in the end it’s a Note device and they always have had a higher price than other devices due to the fact they had great specs and always have performed better comparing not only with other Galaxy devices but also even with other manufactures.

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