How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Xiaomi Mi Note

Finally TWRP made its own way to Xiaomi Mi Note. TWRP is the most popular Custom Recovery for Android and probably the best. Every Android device has a recovery installed by default but it allows you to perform only few basic actions. It’s very limited when it comes to install different zip files like mods or even ROMs.

So if you are an Android freak probably you know why is needed a Custom Recovery. The main reason why Android users install a Custom Recovery is that it allows you to flash zip files. You can flash different mods to customize your system or flash a new ROM and transform your device into a new one. If you have found a Custom ROM for you Xiaomi Mi Note, the only way to flash is using a recovery.

To install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Mi Note you will need fastboot properly installed on your PC. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed fastboot, please do a search about fastbot. Install it and learn why you need it. After installing fastboot you can continue to install TWRP on Xiaomi Mi Note. Remember always do a backup of your important files because problems can happens and you don’t want to use your personal files like photos, videos, documents and more.

Install TWRP Recovery Xiaomi Mi Note


Install TWRP Recovery On Xiaomi Mi 3

  • On your computer install Fastboot tools.
  • Turn off the phone and then press Volume Down + Power Button to enter Fastboot Mode.
  • On your PC type the following code:
fastboot flash recovery twrp-MiNote-2015-03-19-recovery.img
fastboot boot recovery twrp-MiNote-2015-03-19-recovery.img

That’s all. You have succesfully installed TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Mi Note. The first boot into recovery won’t show anything because recovery will be flashed to system 1 and only will be able to use on system 1. Reboot and select system 1 to use Recvery.

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