How To Deactivate Samsung’s SPCM Service On Galaxy Devices

Samsung has made plethora of changes in the newest TouchWiz version on the latest devices like Galaxy S6, Note 4 and Note 5. One feature that is included is Samsung SPCM Service. But what is really Samsung’s SPCM service? It is a feature, if we can call like this that will help you to make your phone faster while you are still using it.

The main function of Samsung’s SPCM service is to kill all the apps running on background but only those apps you haven’t used for a period of time. So if you have used an app than you just press the home button to find and open another app and you do not open the first app for a period of time, it will be closed automatically by the system.

According to Samsung this is a neat feature that allows you to release the full power of your device but it’s not always helpful. You may need to let an app to run in background but if you do not open it often the system will close it automatically and this may not be helpful in every time. That’s why some people prefer to deactivate Samsung’s SPCM service.

It also affect in the keyboard speed, so if you look it carefully there is a lag between the time you touch the screen and the time that the letter is shown. However only you know what you want from your device.



Remember if you decide to make changes on your device do it at your own risk and don’t blame on us if any thing goes wrong. We only provide the guides but only you can decide to try them or not on your device. Everything we post at Dorylabs is tested and then we publish it.

How to deactivate Samsung’s SPCM service on Galaxy Devices

Early preparations

To deactivate Samsung’s SPCM service on your Galaxy device you will need to root it first and then continue further.

If you haven’t rooted your phone yet then get a look to our root section to find the best guide to root your device.

Once you ensured that your phone is rooted you will need a File Explorer with root access. We recommend using ES File Explorer. You can download it for free on Play Store.

How To 

  • Open ES File Explore and go to the root section of your phone.
  • Find a file named build.prop and long press on it and choose to open with a text editor.
  • Once it open try to find the following line of code: sys.config.spcm_enable=true
  • You will need to change the value to false and the code will look something like this: sys.config.spcm_enable=false
  • Save the file and reboot your phone.

That’s all! You have deactivated Samsung’s SPCM service successfully. If you have any other question please ask in the comment section below.

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