Get Lollipop Easter Egg On KitKat & Jelly Bean

Google is well-known to have a good sens of humor. It takes care for its customers and give them many possibilities and features. Users like to play with the phone, Google also. Since in Gingerbread Google has included an animation on the Android Operation system. It is known as Easter egg and every Android version has its own unique Easter egg animation.

Starting with Gingerbread and until now with Lollipop we have seen different Easter eggs and each one of them has its own style representing the Android version. The Easter eggs are made also based on the name of the Android version on which they are found. In Lollipop, the Easter egg is a cool game when you play a game similar to Flappy Bird. You simply have to tap on screen and an Android logo is in the role of the bird and you have to overcome the Lollipop obstacles.

The Easter egg is not easy to find. If you have never heard about it, don’t pretend to find it on app drawer. As you already know Google like to play so it has hidden the Easter egg. To open it you have to go to Settings > About Phone > and tap a few time on Android version a few times. As you already know every Android version has its own Easter egg, but with a little work you can have all the Easters eggs on your Android device.

install lollipop easter egg on kitkat and jelly bean ROMs


  • Root Access. If you haven’t rooted your phone yet, make sure to root it and then go further.
  • Xposed Framework. If you haven’t heard about Xposed and how to install it make some research and then came back here.

How To Get All Android Easter Eggs (Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean)

  • If you already rooted your phone and installed Xposed Framework then go ahead to the next step.
  • Got to app drawer and find Xposed installer.
  • Open the app and go to Download section.
  • Search for the Xposed module named Eggster.
  • Download and install the Module.
  • After installing the Eggster Module don’t open it yet.
  • Go to Xposed menu again and tap on Modules Option.
  • Activate the Eggster module by tapping on the check box next to it.
  • Reboot the phone so the changes will take effect.
  • Go to the Eggster app and you will see all the Android versions, starting from Gingerbread and up to Lollipop.
  • Select the Easter egg you want to activate on your device.
  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Android Version and tap a few time on it.
  • The Easter egg should be running on your device.

You can easily switch between Easter eggs even without needed to restart the phone.

Please Note: If you are experiencing any problem with the installation or the app can’t open, make sure that either Xposed Framework or Eggster are installed on Internal Memory not in SDcard.

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