How To Fix GPS Problems On Every AOSP & Stock ROMs

In today’s article we are going to share a simple trick to fix GPS problems on Android devices running a stock firmware or  a ROM based on AOSP. If you are experiencing problems with your GPS such as running slow, GPS is broken unexpectedly or any other kind of issue than this is the right solution for you.

If you are either on stock and stock based ROM or AOSP and AOSP based ROM this trick will work for most of the devices. It is tested by many developers in plethora of devices and it seems to be working fine. It might help you as well but there is only one problem. It access the GLOSNASS system and certain devices may not be capable of taking advantages of this trick. However give it a try because who knows, maybe it might work on your Android either.

Note: Here at DoryLabs no one is responsible for the changes you made to your system. You decided to do it at your own so it’s only your responsibility if anything goes wrong.

fix GPS issues on Aosp and stock ROMs


  • Download this file directly on your phone.
  • ES File Explorer. Download it from Play Store.

Getting things prepared

  • First of all you will need root access so make sure to root your phone and then proceed futher.
  • Strongly recommended to do a backup of your current ROM. You can do a Nandroid backup or use third-part apps.
  • Charge the battery at least 60% so you will make sure the device won’t turn off unexpectedly.

How To Fix GPS Running Slow and Other Issues On Every Android Device

Before doing changes to the system always do a Nandroid backup. It will create a full image of your personal files and application settings. It’s always good to have a Nandroid backup on your hand before doing changes on your phone. IT will be needed if something goes wrong. In this case you can revert back to your current settings.

  • Download the file from link above on your phone.
  • If you haven’t installed ES File Explorer yet download and install it.
  • Open ES File Explorer and go to the folder you have downloaded the file from the link above.
  • You should see a gps.conf file. Copy it.
  • Go to /system/etc (you need to grant root access)
  • Paste and replace gps.conf
  • Reboot.

Once your device is turned on check the GPS again. Now it should be working fine. As I said above in some of the device you may not be able to fix GPS problems but let’s hope you don’t own one of those devices.

If you found this trick useful please feel free to share your experince. Let us know if it worked or not and what device are you using. It will be very helpful for other users who are experincing GPS problems on their devices.


  1. “This file” link is broken

  2. Omg! It was so easy! Tank you so much! Idk what changes you’ve made on the GPS.config but they are great! 😄

  3. Version specific? Will this work on Android N?

  4. WOW!!!!
    Just work!!!

  5. I have installed CM13 Marshmallow Android version in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 GT-7102. It’s working fine. When I open google map it shows my location, But when I try to start navigation it shows searching for GPS. Plz solve that problem

  6. Download link is broken

  7. Thank you. Its working on my samsung grand 2

  8. Unfortunally dosn’t work for me. HTC M9 – lineageOS 14.1:
    After reboot shows a totaly wrong location, ok right country 😉
    When reset aGPS finds no more Satelites. Change NTP-Server to europe. also don’t work.

  9. Works on Mi4c + AOSP Extended. Thanks.

  10. Thanks so much. It’s working. After installing Resurrection Remix Custom Rom GPS was not working. After replacing your gps.conf file it’s working like a charm. Appreciate your help.

  11. thanks.. this fix worked on Samsung Note 3 with Lineage OS 14.1

  12. Its worked for me (Note-3,7.1.2 AOPK), great—–thank you very much

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