How To Make Lollipop Easter Egg Easy To Play – No Root

Android Lollipop is a nice game to spend time. Similar to the famous Flappy Bird game, Lollipop Easter egg is an addictive game and you will pass many time playing after you try it for the first time.

But don’t you like to make the game easer so you can set a high score that your friends can’t beat it. We found a trick which takes advantages of the animator duration scale value. The game is hard but if you change the animator duration scale value it will be very easy.

You may wondering now how to change the value and make the game easier to play. OK well, its easy at all and with a few steps you can easily do it. But remember it will not only affect on the game. The things around will be much slower so after changing the value, play the game and then revert it back to normal. So go ahead and set a new record on Lollipop Easter egg and make your friends feel jealous about you.

make Lollipop Easter egg easy to play

How To Make Lollipop Easter Egg Easy To Play

  • Enable Developer Options. To do so go to Settings > About Phone > and tap a few times on Build Number until a message appears saying “You are now a developer“.
  • Go back to Settings and Scroll Down and you will see another option “Developer Options.
  • Go to Developer Options and Scroll Down until you find an option called “Animator duration scale“.
  • Change its value which is set by default 1x. Change the value to 10x.
  • Go back to main menu. Lock the phone and unlock it again so the changes will take effect.
  • Simply lock the phone and then unlock it again. Then open Lollipop Easter egg.
  • The game is much easier now. If you think the game is to slow you can change the “Animator duration scale” value lower than 10x.
  • Set the value to 1x and things will go back to normal.

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