5 Hidden Features Of Google Chrome Mobile

Hello Droiders!

Today we gonna share 5 killer features of Google Chrome for mobile. Check the list below:

1 – Swipe through tabs

Google Chrome has a tab set by default. If you open a new tab it will show on the Recent app section so to switch between tabs you have to tap on the recent button. So try this: go ahead and open a new tab. You will see that it will open in another window.

swipe between tabs chrome mobile

But to make things easier there is a feature on Google Chrome that let’s you to swipe between tabs. It’s not activated by default so you need to do it on your own. Go to Settings > Merge tabs and apps > and turn it off. Now when you open a new tab they are all in the same screen. To switch between tabs simply swipe your finger on the top of the screen.

2 – Flags

There is a hidden menu of Google Chrome. Probably you haven’t heard about it because you can access it only by visiting this url: chrome://flags/ . You will see a bunch of features there and you can easily activate it but always make sure to learn what you are doing.

google chrome flags

As you can see when you visit chrome flags there is a note on the top of the site noticing you that activating this features can be dangerous. There are plenty of helpful features there such as smooth scrolling but you have to be careful what feature you enable because you might break your browser and experience other issues.

3 – Data Saver

The latest Chrome Browser for Android and also for iOS comes with a handy feature. If you have limited mobile data but still you wanna navigate on internet than you have to use Chrome Data Saver. It can reduce cellular data usage by using proxy servers.

google chrome data server

These servers are hosted at Google and optimize website content. This feature can reduce the size of a website up to 50%. To enable it simply go to Settings > Data Server and enable by toggling the option. Data server is also available for Chrome desktop and Chrome OS as an extension.

4 – Recent Tab From Multiple Devices

If you are browsing on your computer and then wanna start browsing on your phone you don’t have to search again for what you are doing. If you are singed in with the same account on both devices than problem solved.

Go to the phone or the device you wanna use next and click on Recent tabs options and you gonna find the websites right there. Also if you send a website from your phone to your computer you can do the same thing.

5 – Dinosaur Game

Running out of internet! Nothing to worry. You have something to do. Google has thought about that too. Have you seen that dinosaur that appears when you don’t have internet. I bet you do. Well do you know that you can make it run and play a funny game.

dinosaur game chrome

Simply tap on it and it will start moving. Different obstacle will appear on the way and you have to avoid them and score as many points you can. Sound great right! If you haven’t checked this yet, close the data connection and wi-fi and give it a try.

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